Some of the top-notch celebrities from Bollywood, the entertainment industry, music, and sports have joined the bangwagon of rapidly growing nOFTEN, India’s largest NFT (nonfungible token) marketplace, to reach out to the tech-savvy generation that is primarily propelling the sector in the country.

The International Rapper who is also known as The Game. The Bollywood Rapper, Raftaar and Bollywood Singer, Mika Singh alongwith The Great Khali, first Indian heavyweight champion, and Amit Badana, famous YouTuber have been associated with nOFTEN, eyeing the rapidly growing NFT marketplace in India and abroad and also was a part of commentary for IPL. We will be launching the unique artworks of the celebrities and emerge as the go-to marketplace for NFTs” said the media representative of nOFTEN.

NFTs are unique assets that can’t be replaced with something else and are verified and stored using blockchain technology. Thanks to nOFTEN for introducing prominent artists and celebrities to the world of NFTs, and creating an adaptive and innovative platform for them to buy, sell, trade, and big for NFTs.

nOFTEN, which uses the same blockchain technology that powers the cryptocurrency industry, will allow the users a democratic platform to showcase their creations. On the Etherlite blockchain, nOFTEN provides fast, scalable, low fees.

NFTs are blockchain-certified copies of original art, pictures, videos, music, and pixelated punks that cannot be replicated. As a relatively new concept compared to cryptocurrency, NFTs have quickly risen to prominence despite being based on the same technology. NFT gives artists, celebrities, collectors etc. a direct path to their audiences while also helping them earn a living.

NFTs have become extremely popular as cryptocurrency enthusiasts and backers, artists, musicians, and other creators are seeing a huge potential in the latest method to buy and sell digital art.

Noften is also planning further to signup many more Bollywood celebrities, leading fashion designers and leading singers from the world in the coming weeks and months.