New Cryptocurrency often lacks the opportunity to stand in mainstream footsteps. Pointing a creative approach for influencer crypto promotion is the other way around. And here comes the Lion Adv crypto marketing agency at your assistance.

The challenges to pact with big influencers and celebrities will be taken care of by Mirko Scarcella’s marketing expert team. He is a social media expert and a famous entrepreneur in the industry.

The progress of the Lion Adv crypto marketing agency has been excellent so far. The understanding of Mirko Scarcella’s marketing on the hut is a big chance for a newly hatched altcoin in demand of better visibility. The journey of the company started with a digital promotion hub, later on, ease towards blockchain-based product marketing.

Lion Adv, the Destination for Influencer and Times Square Billboard Crypto Promotion – Build by Mirko Scarcella

The revolutionary technology always faces challenges as it is promoting a decentralized body out of governing power. The obstacles are falling with time but rapid exposure is still hard to achieve. In addition to being the founder of a crypto marketing firm, LION ADV, Mirko is also an author, and his second book is titled: “The Business Game”.

The book will tell you about the struggle and pattern of the Lion Adv venture. The preface of the book is covered by Singer Nicky Jam. His instant statement about the book was, “… add discipline and a lot of dedication you can achieve what you set out to do, because this makes me happy to have been chosen to invite you to read a story like mine, that of Mirko, another young man who has had to go through many things, to get to tell his story today…. “

Lion Adv is also a company that allows New York Times Square billboard promotion for crypto. Even the popular Nasdaq Tower billboards are also within their arc. The phenomenal way to use influencers for crypto promotion is the key for Mirko Scarcella’s marketing technique. His first book “Bible SUCCESS FAME MONEY” takes a deep dive into the procedure of social media marketing potential.

The American athlete Floyd Mayweather powers up with some encouraging words for the prologue of the book. He added, “… .. my friend Mirko teaches you to create your popularity with Instagram parameters, to become known, to make your company known, and to sell products through the web. Life is fighting for results. I have always done it and continue to do so. Commit yourself and make your dreams come true.”

Renowned Photographer David LaChapelle maneuvers the cover of the first book of social media expert Mirko Scarcella. He has a past of working with big global celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Kim Kardashian, and Travis Scott.

Smart promotional take on the Lion Adv has already marked successful projects established on Binance and Ethereum Blockchain. Regular updates on the company can be tracked from Mirko Scarcella’s Twitter account @mirkoscarcella and the agency’s official website LionAdv.

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