Date Published: 02/11/2021

The cryptocurrency scam fraudulently used images of Rafael Nadal and Pedro Sanchez

Bitcoin scam in Spain used famous celebrities to lure victims

The National Police in Spain have dismantled a criminal Bitcoin organisation with international reach that reportedly scammed more than 2.82 million euros from unsuspecting investors. The organised gang is said to have been “highly structured and specialised” and members posed convincingly as ‘brokers’ of a large, professional company.

According to the official report, the scammers fraudulently used celebrities such as Rafael Nadal, Pedro Sanchez and journalist Pablo Motos to promote their business, and set up fake bank accounts where their victims could see their monthly profits going up and up.

Of course, this wasn’t actually the case, and the fraudsters used the supposed profits as leverage to convince their prey to invest more and more money into their cryptocurrency scam. In addition, each victim had a devoted broker who would contact them regularly, sometimes on a daily basis, and a dedicated online help system, all creating an image of legitimacy.

The scammers were able to remotely access the computers of their investors to transfer even more cash to their coffers, while the fake website showed profits soaring by 18% per month. That is until the victims ran out of money or requested some of their investment back, at which point they received only radio silence.

Police sources have revealed that some clients invested as much as 100,000 euros in some of the 60 fake companies established in Spain alone.

Image: Archive

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