Blockchain games or Crypto games are getting a lot of attention and traction in the current crypto bull run. Some blockchain gaming tokens have increased by up to 10 times in value over the last 1 year. The popularity and quick adoption of blockchain games has resulted in a number of organizations launching their own crypto games. However, a Noida-based organization OneTo11 is not limiting themselves to just a blockchain game, rather they are building the World’s First Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem.

What is a Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem?

“Blockchain gaming ecosystem is a complete platform which has multiple games, NFT creation capability, a native token, an NFT marketplace, and multi-cryptocurrency compatible wallet. So, OneTo11 has essentially created a comprehensive system where any gamer can – play games, trade NFTs, and earn money by using their skill and time without ever leaving the ecosystem.” Answered Anirban Chatterjee (COO & Cofounder of OneTo11)

Currently, anyone playing crypto games to earn money has to play a game, create or win NFT, then go to a trading marketplace to sell it and get cryptocurrency and finally convert the cryptocurrency into fiat before spending. It becomes a long process jumping from one platform to the other and too many middlemen are involved which results in high fees and lesser returns for the gamers.

OneTo11 ecosystem changes the game by providing multiple types of games, in-game NFT creation, integrated marketplace, and native token. This eliminates third parties, brings down the cost, and speeds up the entire process of converting gameplay into money. 

“The idea behind OneTo11 is simple – Create a transparent Play-to-Earn economy for gamers where they get sustainable income from their skills and time invested in the game. People are spending anything between 5 minutes to 2 hours daily on games, OneTo11 is converting games into an income source besides being an entertainment option.” – shared Ravindra Kumar (CEO & Cofounder of OneTo11)

Until now, the OneTo11 team has launched Fantasy sports games, casual mobile games & gamified learning games. In the month of November, an RPG game with metaverse is being launched by OneTo11 which is going to be their biggest release and is already creating a lot of hype in the gaming community.  OneTo11 has achieved over 1 million downloads and 12 million+ transactions on their platform within 10 months of launch. “Daily active users are over 100,000 and monthly active users are over 350,000 currently on OneTo11. Once the RPG game with metaverse goes live the trends predict these numbers growing to 10 times the current values.” Exclaimed Tirath Sharma(CTO & Cofounder OneTo11)

“We are aggressively expanding to different markets and gaming demographics. Our fantasy sports application will see a major influx of users with the football world cup scheduled in 2022 and the cricket T20 world cup scheduled in October 2021. However, the tipping point will be the release of RPG with Metaverse because it introduces the possibility of creating high-value NFTs.” -mentioned Manasvi Singh (CMO & Cofounder of OneTo11) while talking about their expansion plans. OneTo11 is also opening up an office location in Singapore to focus solely on the South East Asian market and plans to have office locations in the Middle East, Europe and North America as part of their expansion plans.

The ecosystem, while sounds overwhelming to understand, is really simple in utility and OneTo11 seems to be getting a lot of attention from gamers and investors as their pre-seed sale for native token 1To11 was subscribed 3 times more than the supply. With the promise of Play-to-Earn, crypto gaming is clearly the next gold rush for gamers and OneTo11 seems to be committed to providing them with all the tools that a gamer might ever need to cash in on the opportunity.