Kick off! The race to explore the potential of NFTs and truly bring asset-ownership to the digital world is now in full swing. Since the start, NFTs have been heralded as a way for sports teams to create connections and build community with their fans. Mark Cuban has vaunted their possibility to act as ticketing for the Dallas Mavericks – to give one small, a mainstream example of an incredibly large market – and one that crypto is moving into fast. Dapper’s HotShots was recently valued at $7 billion with their NFT collectibles focused on American basketball. That’s one tiny slice of an estimated $50 billion sports collectible market – one that’s poised to flourish on the blockchain.

What is Sportium?

Sportium is an all-in-one multisports platform for fans to collect Korean sports collectibles in the form of trading card NFTs. These NFTs are officially licensed by all of Korea’s largest sporting leagues, including the K League (football), KBPBA (baseball), KOVO (combat sports), and the KBL (basketball). This is just the beginning for Sportium though. Once the active, crypto-savvy Korean fanbase has been tapped into, it plans to move its operations to encompass global sports.

The NFTs are highlight clips from the games themselves. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and auctioned by fans on the ELVN marketplace. NFTs have the potential to unlock a new era of sports collectibles and redefine the relationships that fans have with their teams, thrusting value into the hands of the passionate followers that give each sport its lease of life. It allows fans to earn while they follow their team, and Sportium is ready to facilitate that ownership through its platform.

Collectible K League NFTs

Sportium’s K League NFTs are already live, with highlight captures of key moments available to collect. Buying and trading NFTs will let users accumulate ‘Collector’s points’, which can be used to purchase higher rarity cards and moments. Players can also trade sets of lower rarity cards through a loot box mechanic for a chance to earn a higher rarity NFT. Each quarter, Sportium plans to add another sports franchise to its roster. With next year already mapped out. The functionality of the platform makes it easy for Sportium to introduce new sports and leagues as its user base grows and sports NFT collectibles make their inevitable march to the mainstream. 

How Fans Can Use the Sportium Platform

That user base will have no problem keeping themselves occupied on the platform, with Sportium building streaming features for its users to watch games together online. When a match highlight happens, such an insane dribble followed by chipping the ball over the onrushing goalie, the moment will be captured as an official NFT and put up for auction. Fans that experienced the moment in real-time will be able to enter a live auction for the NFT to add it to their collection.

Fans with a keen eye for what will be the defining moment of the season can be savvy and make sure to pick them up. As league seasons go by, ‘ancient’ NFTs on Sportium will accrue more and more value, as the moment stamps the sporting annals of history for digitized eternity. As Sportium NFTs are officially licensed, it means they’ll be the gold standard for the sports NFTs associated with that league. An inbuilt marketplace for fans to get the merchandise and equipment of their favorite players with one click is also available.

Sports Betting and Fantasy Leagues

Sports betting will be another facet of the platform, with fans watching live then able to make wagers on outcomes in real-time, under the assured blanket of decentralized book-keeping for the bets. A market of $203 billion exists for sports betting, and as the $SPRT token becomes synonymous with sports metaverse interactivity, the more of this market the Sportium platform can grab. Also in the works is a Play-to-Earn fantasy league that lets users use their NFTs to assemble the ultimate dream team and wipe the floor with opponents both AI and real.

$SPRT Token Launch Just Launched

The Sportium token is now live and listed on Pancakeswap having just completed its IDO on the Impossible Launchpad, with $31 million of $IDIA tokens committed as part of the launch. Sports NFT collectibles are going to be huge, and current efforts have only scratched the surface of what is going to happen in this space. Sportium has already cornered the Korean market and its upcoming pipeline of officially licensed NFTs will revolutionize the way fans interact with their team. Now that the token has launched, the Sportium team is ready to take on the world, and the bookmakers would be foolish to not put them as favorites.

Image Sourced from Monccur PR