Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds believes crypto is ‘emerging as a huge player’

As cryptocurrency use continues to rise, more celebrities, athletes, and brands are becoming engaged in what was once mostly tech space.

Speaking with Bloomberg Markets Emily Chang, Hollywood actor and MNTN chief creative officer Ryan Reynolds discussed his thoughts on cryptocurrencies

While refusing to say whether or not he owns cryptocurrency, Reynolds stated that he sees “value in the conversation” around digital assets, and that companies are doing an excellent job of making it safer while bringing it to the masses.

He said:

“I do see value in the conversation that we’re having right now. I think companies are doing a good job of bringing it into a sort of safer more mainstream light.

Ryan Reynolds acknowledges skepticism around crypto

It’s worth mentioning that the Hollywood star understands why some people are wary about cryptocurrency, but he believes it”is “emerging as a huge pl”yer” in the financial industry.

“I mean 90% of the word crypto is crypto so you know I see why certain folks might be put off or intimidated by it. But I think it’s emerging as a huge player. I mean it’s been emerging for a long time. It’s a huge player so I’m not surprised.”

Given the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, more and more high-profile individuals are using it to purchase and sell real estate or to receive their salaries.

For example, well-known lawyer Tony Buzbee stated earlier this month that he is accepting Bitcoin for his $27-million property in Houston, while UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou accepted Bitcoin as payment for his bout purse in January.

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