Robinson discusses roles with Ballerz and cryptocurrency

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson has been investing in an NFT collection called Ballerz. 

Ballerz was created by NFT Genius and has been one of the most popular NFTs among NBA players. This NFT has become a method of tech investment, as well as a way for athletes to interact with fans. In an interview with NFT Genius founder Jeremy Born, Robinson had spoken about the opportunities NBA players had within Ballerz.

“As professional athletes, all we really know is the basketball space,” Robinson said. “We’re approached with all these business ventures and opportunities. This is what I’ve heard from older players, but it was just being a professional basketball player and now we’re given this incredible opportunity to not only utilize our platform, but also diversify our platform and take advantage of stuff that interests us and really be able to create a brand around what we’re doing so much more than just being on the court.”

Recently, I conducted an interview with Robinson to further discuss his involvement with this investment method. He emphasized the community that he was able to build within the Ballerz brand, and how important that can be as an athlete.

“One thing I loved about Ballerz was the community-driven feel,” Robinson stated. “For me, I felt it was an easy transition. Playing the sport of basketball, and kind of knowing that community already. It made sense for me to kind of jump into that space. I’m really happy I did, I’ve loved the experience so far and I love what they’re doing.”

This past Thursday, Robinson also announced that he launched his own cryptocurrency through Rally, a platform for creators to create their own digital networks. He is the first active NBA player to launch his own cryptocurrency.

“Basically, for me, it’s just another opportunity me to engage with all the people who support me,” Robinson said. “Once again, it’s going to be a more tightened thing. My hope and goal is to connect with these people beyond what you see these common fan-player interactions are. I want to make it a special place and space where not only can we interact, but they can also reap rewards and benefits having had supported me for so long. I’m super excited about the project and everything that Rally’s doing.”

Jayden Armant is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He is a student at Howard University. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @jaydenarmant