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In this post, we’ll look at two emerging stars with investment potential, that can help you expand your crypto wallet this February weekend. Following the November crash, where the crypto-currency market lost a trillion dollars (think about Bitcoin (BTC) which lost almost 30% of its value) cryptocurrency is back and is promising tremendous growth and results for investors this year. Here’s why you should invest in Samoyedcoin (SAMO) and Seesaw Protocol (SSW).

Better Crypto Experience? Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is the Answer

Seesaw Protocol (SSW), a decentralised and multi-chain DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Platform promises transparency, very low fees (compared to its competitors), and, most importantly, an enhanced crypto-experience and it is launching this April 2022. Seesaw Protocol is currently on presale and will remain so till April 8th (date of the 3rd and last presale). Why put it off any longer? Buying SSW digital tokens now might possibly lead to significant returns for investors, individuals, and communities (SSW is also a humanitarian, democratic, and transparent organization/entity that promotes education around the globe – why not invest while doing good?).

So, is Seesaw a good place to put your money in, in this new digital world? Consider this: SSW has achieved a staggering growth of over 1000% in its first stage presale period (which ends on February 25th) Too late? We don’t think so. Based on current performance ($0.067) and further two stages of presale to come, some analysts project the price could be as high as $0.40! So there is still plenty of time to make significant gains by investing in SSW. In addition, is a swap, leverage, farming platform, dividing fees throughout its holders. Every transaction, for example, has a 3% fee attached to it. This charge is then divided among existing holders – you’ll be literally making money in your sleep.

Seesaw immersive technology spans a wide range of creative and technological sectors, which might make investing in it even more fascinating and interesting, particularly for younger generations wishing to create their own crypto-portfolio. We’re talking about artificial intelligence, 3D reality, gaming, and storytelling, to name a few.

Long-term satisfaction, like practically everything in this wonderful life, is the key to a gleaming gateway of potential. The longer you hold SSW, the more you accumulate, perhaps resulting in successful real-world value. The moment to invest in Seesaw (SSW) is now, with its initial price growing from just $0.005 and rapidly increasing phenomenally, its robust foundations, and its non-volatile culture that benefits both investors and users.

Samoyedcoin (SAMO): making money with meme coins

The blockchain network Samoydecoin – Ambassador to Solana (SOL) has entered the domain of iconic meme coins, with its headquarters in Switzerland. Samoydecoin is recognisable by its adorable logo, which features a white, fluffy dog of the same Siberian breed (Samoyed) that co-owner Anatoly Yakovenko enjoys spending time with (when he’s not out there establishing billion-dollar businesses).

Unlike Seesaw (or other fungible tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum), Samoyedcoin (as an NFT coin) has no real-world utility but can nonetheless be a money-making engine for your cryptocurrency wallet. With a live price of $0.022166 USD and a 24-hour trading volume of $5,735,599 USD, SAMO is currently down 6%, but it remains robust.

Because there is no fixed number of tokens in meme coins, the investment may be more volatile than a more conventional, non-meme coin investment (SSW for example).

However, celebrities such as Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg have invested in or expressed interest in them, boosting their fame and desirability. Meme coins have been on the increase since 2013.

SAMO is available for purchase on — SOL is moving away from Distributed Ledger (as used by SSW) and toward concession-free blockchain technology for DeFi and Financial Technology. Solana employs the PoH (proof of history) approach, which enables the company to perform more transactions per second, increasing data use and lowering transaction rates.

Investing this weekend is a good idea and could result in quick profits. Start your March 2022 with a smile on your face and a hefty crypto-wallet.

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