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LAS VEGAS, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the cryptocurrency world by storm as even notable celebrities have begun to capitalize on the craze. At the center of this NFT gold rush is the popular play-to-earn (P2E) crypto gaming model that has recently come into the spotlight for allowing players to earn real money for the time they spend playing. This article will briefly explore the new Big Beans gaming platform, its P2E NFT gaming experience, and its revolutionary buyback system.

Despite their popularity, there are still relatively few “gaming cryptos” currently in existence. One of the leaders in the space, Big Beans gaming, is on the verge of releasing its innovative Big Beans Meta! This Metaverse is an entirely virtual world that will allow for the creation of virtual land, NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, and even cartoons! The ecosystem will implement the use of its Big Beans new age token in an attempt to integrate blockchain with gaming while also introducing a new way for players to earn as they play.

At the heart of the Big Beans Meta platform is a multiplayer role-playing game based around the BeansPack NFT collection. Apart from the ecosystem’s Big Beans token, the game’s primary token is $HONEY. Players can earn $HONEY through a number of different activities that include farming, breeding, and competing with other players.

Through the implementation of Big Beans Gaming’s bespoke P2E model, players will be able to directly benefit from the value they provide. Beyond simply being able to earn tokens or embark on quests, BeansPack NFT holders will be able to secure governance rights, beta testing opportunities, and be afforded access to exclusive membership benefits such as the ability to add specific gaming features like weapons and ships.

Further, the ability to purchase virtual land will provide investors with an opportunity to create passive income. These virtual land factories will be sold as individual properties that can be used to produce resources within the game. These resources can then be redeemed for the in-game currency $HONEY, allowing factory owners to earn an income from the resources their properties produce.

Big Beans Gaming will also be attending the Dubai Crypto Expo, alongside tokens like Saitama, Feg, Shiryo Inu and more. The youngest token that will be present in the event.

In summary, Big Beans Gaming’s ecosystem will consist of the following:

• Play-to-Earn gaming

• NFTs

• Virtual land

• Cartoons and action figures

• An exclusive NFT marketplace

• Mini-games

Their virtual currencies will include both the Beans token as well as the in-game $HONEY token that players will be able to earn through their play.

Now that we have examined Big Beans Gaming’s ecosystem and metaverse platform, let’s briefly explore their revolutionary buyback system.

The buyback system is designed to remove tokens from the total supply and is comprised of two separate components, let’s look at each of these in turn.

The primary component of the buyback system comes in the form of a simple sales tax. For every sale that is made on the platform, a 10% sales tax is charged in order to process the buy order. These tokens are then immediately burned thereby decreasing the total amount of tokens in the ecosystem.

The secondary component of Big Beans’ buyback system is slightly more complex. This component effectively accelerates the increase of the tokens value by purchasing twice the U.S dollar value of the most recent sale in any given period. As a result, twice as many tokens are purchased thereby increasing the price of the token. After purchase, these tokens are also immediately burned from the total supply.

These two components will ensure that a healthy supply of tokens is being consistently burned from the ecosystem preventing the currency from becoming the victim of inflation.

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