As cryptocurrencies are flooding the market, the scramble to buy it can lead one to misjudge one’s opportunities. But not when renowned, responsible celebrities themselves, are up on the trend and enjoying the returns themselves.

Lucky Block is a token which has been talked about by celebrities like Shehnaz Gill on various platforms. With L-Block, as they claim, ‘Everyone can be a winner’. The token is based on the Global Lottery Blockchains, providing transparent gaming and setting algorithms which maximise chances for everyone to win.

L-Block claims it has given more than 70 pre cent on returns for 42000 investors who had confided in it. The value of Lucky Block went from $750 million to $1Billion in just 3 weeks of its first phase of prelaunch. With a strong backing and reinvestment of same investors, Lucky Block has a base to stimulate more lottery jackpots with reserve lottery funds of $5 Million.

As seen in her ratification, Bollywood actress ShehnazGill says that the token has a lot of potential and gives 10% cut on daily jackpots. Moreover, 10 per cent of the profits of L-Block goes to charity. Regular dividend is one of the other myriad paybacks of L-Block. The Economic Times rates Lucky Block on top of the list of ten alternate cryptocurrencies in the market.

Lucky Block has its members on different social media sites to connect with people and form a community for lottery gains. On telegram the 19000 strong member club is available to interact.

Lucky Block is to launch its app on the 21 March and the first jackpot is scheduled for 25 March 2022. It trades as L-Block on four major exchanges of cryptocurrency and  is growing phenomenally. It is available on and can be owned through pancake swap and other L-Bank exchanges.

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