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Singer Rihanna takes beauty company “Fenty” to the Metaverse

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Pop singer Rihanna is taking her FENTY brand to the Metaverse. The nine-time Grammy winner and billionaire filed for a Fenty trademark, indicating a Metaverse move. Rihanna intends to offer “virtual” cosmetics and hair care products under her FENTY brand in the Metaverse. Fenty Beauty, established in 2017, has a global presence with 1,600 stores in 17 countries.

Rihanna has filed a new trademark application indicating that she will offer “virtual” cosmetics and hair care products under her FENTY brand.

Coming to a virtual world near you soon… #Rihanna

— Josh Gerben (@JoshGerben) March 15, 2022

Although the Metaverse concept has long existed, it was only recently brought to the attention of the general public when Facebook changed its name to Meta to emphasize its focus on the virtual world. Several large firms and brands have registered trademarks to sell virtual things in the Metaverse since then.

U.Today previously reported that energy giant Chevron has filed Metaverse-related trademark applications with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

As stated in the filing, the multinational corporation intends to offer a wide selection of virtual goods, such as fuel, gas and renewable energy products, that will become part of the buzzy virtual reality. Another patent filing also indicates that it plans to provide entertainment services linked to the Metaverse.

Getting Metaverse-ready

Other major companies, such as fast food chain McDonald’s, retail corporation Walmart and lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, are also getting Metaverse-ready by recently filing similar trademark applications.

HSBC, a bank with $3 trillion in assets, is the first global bank to enter The Sandbox Metaverse. The bank intends to purchase a plot of land there, which it plans to develop to engage with sports, e-sports and gaming lovers. The development of HSBC in the virtual plot of land remains undisclosed.

The Sandbox and Warner Music Group, or WMG, announced a partnership in late January to establish a musical theme park and concert venue within the game Metaverse. Warner Music made its first foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) metaverse with this venture.