• Rihanna has conquered tangible world, is a well-liked Web2 celebrity, and now she is eyeing to get better in Web3 with her company’s products.
  • As per Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney in US, businesswoman and singer Rihanna filed a latest cluster of trademark applications regarding her organization’s products.
  • This way, Rihanna will be following several celebrities’ trails as well as well-liked brands in fashion universe, like Victoria’s Secret and L’Oreal.

Rihanna Inflating Her Fashion Realm Into Metaverse

At age of 34, prominent singer Rihanna has not only conquered music world with her songs but also handled a fashion organization, which has achieved a market valuation of over $570 Million in just 4 years.

But Rihanna is not satisfied with her success in tangible world, and she is now eyeing for dominating the evolution of internet, Web3, betting to set up her brand in metaverse. Now only question arises is, where she is going to make investment, given a vast range of metaverse platforms.

Rihanna has filed a new trademark application indicating that she will offer “virtual” cosmetics and hair care products under her FENTY brand.

Coming to a virtual world near you soon… #Rihanna https://t.co/PhTqfi4jFu

— Josh Gerben (@JoshGerben) March 15, 2022

Although not much of details are revealed by Rihanna, it can be presumed that among most luring choices for artists to set their foot into metaverse is Decentaland, as that’s the place where all types of events, both sporting as well as music, occurs.

Indeed, during March, initial fashion week on entire Web3 will occur in Decentraland.

Calling all designers, brands and fashionistas.

Decentraland x @UNXD_NFT presents Metaverse Fashion Week.

A week of Catwalk shows, pop up shops, after parties and immersive experiences 24th – 27th March 2022

have your collections ready! pic.twitter.com/BXkpAV1TOJ

— Decentraland (@decentraland) December 26, 2021

Throughout week, folks can enjoy live presentations on catwalk, and acquire items and accessories on display to customize dressing of their avatars.

Other mammoth brands like, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, and Nike have also made investments in metaverse.

Metaverse Embraces Mainstream Icons

At present, several celebrities have stepped into metaverse either in Decentraland or Sandbox, seeking out a new path to deliver their products and music to folks unable to attend their tangible concerts or stores, or who prefers to immerse in that experience by just sitting on their couch.

For instance, just a couple of days ago, Disc Jockey and actress Paris Hilton made an announcement regard her joining forces with the Sandbox platform, during a live DJ gig in SXSW, which impacted its indigenous coin positively, spiking coin pvalue by 8%.

If you’re attending SXSW and are a virtual LAND owner 🏞, you’re on fast track for The Sandbox private party on Tuesday 03/15, with a special guest and DJ Paris Hilton

DM for RSVP 🤘 pic.twitter.com/L7pBnaDxEp

— Sebastien 🏞 (@borgetsebastien) March 14, 2022

This means that more prominent personalities like, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna keep entering metaverse space, these platforms may rapidly grow to provide improved immersive experiences to folks.

Metaverse is a virtual universe, which can be best experienced by augmented and virtual reality devices. With emerging Web3, as soon it is integrated with metaverse, it will allow folks to monetize their creations and time they spend on internet.

With rapidly growing metaverse NFT sector, folks can generate income while making money. For example, in Sandbox game, you can play and earn a SAND token by playing and doing tasks, and this token is listed as a cryptocurrency, which will offer you a real-life utility like trading it for earning fiat money.

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