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NFT industry has grown massively over the past few years. In almost every industry including sports, gaming, and entertainment these collectibles are being embraced. Over the past year we have seen many such tokens being sold for millions of dollars. Following the craze for digital collectibles many celebrities, pop-stars, and sports persons are stepping in the industry. However, Keanu Reeves, the Matrix Resurrection star is not a fan of these one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Keanu Reeves believes NFT can be easily reproduced

Late last year, in an interview with The Verge, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne discussed NFTs. In the interview both the artists were asked about their opinion regarding the Non-Fungible Token created for the upcoming film. Notably, the tokens proved so popular that they temporarily crashed the platform on which they were being sold on.

However, following the question by The Verge, Keanu Reeves was unable to contain himself. Notably, the response of the star was to burst out laughing at the mere mention of digital collectibles. Notably, the reaction was not similar to any polite chuckle, as the star let out an uncharacteristically loud cackle. Moreover, he responded that such tokens could be easily reproduced.


Indeed, the actor believes that the technology which is being used to sell tweets, GIFs, and digital artwork, sometimes for gargantuan sums is artificial scarcity that is going against the very ethos of the internet. He further pointed out that simply right clicking an NFT will save the artwork. Hence, Reeves underscores that these assets do have a lot of authentic value because only a bunch of investors have decided that it should be.

Matrix’s star is concerned of NFT’s minting process

Keanu Reeves is concerned due to the environmental impacts of NFT. He cites that the environmental impact of minting NFTs is no matter of laughing. The verification process behind each of the assets requires a staggering amount of energy. Crypto ecosystem is mostly relying on fossil fuels. Indeed, NFTs and some other assets that use the Proof-of-Work based consensus mechanism are throwing gasoline to our burning planet. Hence, for the sake of a digital ownership that only a handful of investors are recognized as legitimate we shouldn’t burn our globe.


However, due to climatic concerns blockchains are shifting to Proof-of-Stake mechanisms. It is also noteworthy that the amount of crypto mining processes used is very low in comparison to other industries. Still, the industry does not desire to contribute any kind of carbon emission.


But it is incredible to see that where many celebrities joined the craze of NFTs ignoring the fact that it could affect our environment, Reeves remained natural. Many say that this is one reason why despite being incredibly famous and universally admired Reeves still appears to be grounded in reality.

Although the man has introduced the concept of matrix with his ravishing role, he is yet to enter the matrix.

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