Goldman Sachs

  • Goldman Sachs, an international investment bank, has made changes in its homepage to feature crypto assets, digitalization and metaverse.
  • As per Goldman Sachs landing page now, it states, from crypto assets to metaverse, explore megatrends which are reshaping economies.
  • Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs executed its initial over the counter cryptocurrency transaction with Galaxy Digital.

New Homepage For Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has upgraded its homepage to feature digitalization, involving metaverse and crypto. Bank’s landing page now highlights that, folks are now able to explore megatrends, from crypto to metaverse, which are transforming economies.

Below the highlighted text on website, is an “Explore Topic” button, which will take folks to a cluster of resources Goldman Sachs has published on blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, decentralized web, metaverse and other topics associated with virtual economy.

Source: Goldman Sachs

Several folks on social media exhibited their disbelief at Goldman Sachs’ step towards featuring metaverse and cryptocurrency. Back in May 2020, the investment bank stated that crowned currency Bitcoin is not an asset class.

Bank brought back its bitcoin trading desk during March previous year and witnessed a massive institutional demand for BTC. 

Goldman Sachs’ researchers stated at that time, that BTC is now considered as an inevitable asset. During June previous year, bank extended its digital asset trading desk to involve ethereum options and futures.

Earlier this week, Goldman Sachs executed its initial over the counter cryptocurrency transaction with Galaxy Digital. Back in January, bank’s researchers forecasted that Bitcoin have potential to reach $100,000 as digital assets continue to take market share of gold.

As for metaverse, the global investment bank stated in January that it perceives metaverse as an $8 Trillion opportunity.

Metaverse is Luring Big Names

Metaverse, without doubt, holds a lot of potential, but many folks will not realize this until it comes alive and they can actually use it like they hear it.

Setting these folks apart, there are many prominent celebrities who have stepped into or are thinking of stepping into this space. Most recent example is David Beckham, who became global ambassador of DigitalBits blockchain just yesterday.

He is considered as the most influential person worldwide even after many prominent influencers are sitting out there. The point is, if these celebrities know the worth of this space, it is obvious that people will follow and increase value of Metaverse.

It is like a chain reaction; a celebrity do something, it becomes trending, and fans and followers follow that trending trail their idol has left. In short, as long as big names keep entering the space, they will pull a large amount of audience there, eventually increasing value of metaverse.

David Beckham is going to use his connections with mammoth brands like Maserati, Adidas, EA etc., for assisting in DigitalBits growth.

Apart from David Beckham, SnoopDogg has created its own virtual world in Sandbox game dubbed SnoopVerse, which can be considered a virtual replica of his tangible life possessions like his mansion.

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