NBA superstar LeBron James is one of several athletes setting up for growth of the metaverse and non-fungible tokens. Here’s the latest on new filings from James.

What Happened: A new trademark filing from James on April 5 suggest the NBA star has more plans to grow his brand through the creation of NFTs and also helping others with NFT launches.

Filings shared by trademark attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Law highlight James filing for the trademark for the phrase “strive for greatness.” The brand filed for trademarks for three separate areas as filed by LBJ Trademarks LLC.

The first category for the brand is non-fungible tokens and cryptographic tokens. The second category for the brand is clothing and apparel.

The third category could be the most interesting as it includes language about NFTs and also consulting services in the sector.

“Minting, creation, promotion and distribution of non-fungible tokens and cryptographic tokens,” the filing reads.

The filing also plans to offer “consulting services in the field of minting, creation, promotion, and distribution of non-fungible tokens and cryptographic tokens.”

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Why It’s Important: James previously filed for trademarks in early March. The filings said James could launch virtual goods, virtual footwear, trading cards, and other items. The filing also included trademarks for James on virtual basketball courts, gyms and recreational facilities for playing sports in the metaverse.

Nike Inc NKE, who has a lifetime contract with James, has a partnership with Roblox Corp RBLX. The company is betting on growth of the metaverse with its NIKELAND project inside the Roblox game.

Nike reported that 6.7 million Roblox players from 224 countries have visited NIKELAND on Roblox since its launch. Nike highlighted that virtual products like LeBron 19 styles helped boost demand for NIKELAND.

James visited NIKELAND, during the NBA All-Star Week, where he coached and engaged with Roblox users.

The trademark filing for James could expand his brand in the metaverse and come at a time when many companies and celebrities are filing for the metaverse to expand their businesses or to protect their copyright claim as the sector grows.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Walt on Flickr

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