Celebrities are appearing in the metaverse in record numbers.

From rappers to athletes, to businessmen and social media stars, celebrities are realizing that the Web3 experience is the wave of the future. And as a result, they’re staking their claim in the virtual reality world while they can.

Not every celebrity understands the concept, however — and that can sometimes lead to classic, and hilarious, comments.

For example, when Snoop Dogg announced that he was joining the metaverse, he was very specific about how he explained it to Kevin Hart.

“I built a whole metaverse called ‘The Sandbox,’” the Death Row Records capo said to the stand-up comedian. He also said he didn’t know s**t about it, but that he was “getting this money,” which is exactly the type of iconic thing you’d expect The Doggfather to say. (You’d also expect him to subsequently put Death Row Records into the metaverse, and that’s exactly what he did.)

Some celebrities, however, know a lot more about the metaverse than others. Wu-Tang Clan’s own Method Man, for instance, has built a whole virtual universe of his own. The self-proclaimed comics fan first entered the Web3 world with an NFT collection that featured him as a Marvel-style superhero, which was such a rousing success that he recently launched the second phase of his “MEFA-Verse.”

“We literally lifted 20 of the main characters from the graphic novel and made 20x mini-collections consisting of 420 variations and unique traits of each for a total of 8400 variations. Crazy!” Method Man said, according to the press release shared with AfroTech.

Aside from Method Man and Snoop Dogg, there are plenty of other celebrities you can find in the metaverse. Here are just a few of them.