Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seem to be all over the place these days. From movie posters to digital sneakers by big brands, these artworks are evolving like finches on Galapagos Island. With humans evolving each day, the technology savants are grabbing every opportunity to smack one down by inventing and advancing every sector of the digital world. In this technically-driven arena, nobody wants to be outdated, a syndrome that makes the netizens feel the fear of missing out. Many brainy innovations and discoveries occur frequently, NFTs are here for the long run and it would be beneficial to invest in them. This is the reason why more and more projects have emerged in recent times and one such NFT project that is drawing huge attention from people all across India is Ridiculous Dragons.

NFT is gaining popularity because they give users the right to buy and sell digital artworks with cryptocurrency on the blockchain. The market of NFT was around $41 billion in 2021 alone surpassing the total value of the entire global fine art market. Ridiculous Dragons, a recently launched NFT project aims to create a successful virtual marketplace soon that’ll trade NFTs by the minute. The community of Ridiculous Dragons will have Dragons holders, people who will mint the dragon NFTs (out of 9999), and can later trade in the market. They are creating headlines in the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens because of all positive reasons. Within a mere span of a week, they have been successful in reaching the milestone of selling 60% of their total listings (6020 of the total 9999 exclusive NFTs, each priced at 0.24 BNB). Recently, notable Cricketer Riyan Parag also invested in Ridiculous Dragons and many more renowned personalities are in the pipeline to add value to this project.

The platform is providing people with amazing perks and features that are making the realm a more interesting space. The features that are introduced by the project comprise a play-to-earn game in which the Dragon holders (NFT holders) will get an opportunity to play and earn $FIRE (a token on Binance Smart Chain). Alongside this, there are numerous exclusive offers, which also includes a Premium Crypto Trading group which will soon be launched by the Ridiculous Dragons, a commodity that no NFT place has yet launched. The platform will allow its users to buy and sell NFTs in one place and will facilitate the users with premium trade related calls that will guide them on where, how and when they can invest in the group to make extreme profits. The Ridiculous Dragons will also include a unique feature that will have an exclusive token on Binance Smart Chain.

Shagun Singh, the CEO and Founder of Ridiculous Dragons stated, “Well, it has always been my area of expertise and this is the reason for me to launch a digitally enriched platform that can guide people in where, how, and when to invest their cryptocurrency and how to make maximum profit in it. An NFT project is still a fresh thing for India which further accelerates my dedication and goal to make our nation a top marketplace for NFTs. I have planned a lot of business and commercial ideas that I plan to implicate soon.” “NFTs are here to stay, the way they are conquering the digital industry is very promising, and millions of people around the world are investing in them including celebrities and big brands. I believe NFTs will change the digital trade system forever,” he added. 

The newly launched project will also be releasing a personal line of merchandise in collaboration with one of the famous designers post the 100 per cent sales. There are many milestones that Ridiculous Dragons has successfully achieved and the project will soon be turned into a marketplace for NFT marketing and digitally enriched artwork.