Notably, the “irresponsible” advertising of digital currencies by Bollywood celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana and Ranveer Singh, have been labeled as misleading by the ASCI.

Even the sponsorship of ICCWorld Cup in 2021 by the country’s digital currency exchanges like CoinDCX was objected to by the authorities. The exchanges collectively spent over $6.7M during that tournament.

Meanwhile, when we talk of advertising standards, it’s to be understood that such activities are simply commercial transactions and the use of medium to promote a brand and influence the audience too is of great significance.

Television and internet are the two modes which are highly impactful when it comes to influencing peoples’ minds, especially the young ones. In a mad race to influence the audience and woo them to use their products and services, the companies most of the time use derogatory content in their ad campaigns or programmes.

In the name of creativity in content development of programmes, particularly in advertisements, vulgarity has been let loose under the nose of authorities for quite some time now. The promotion of this vulgarity is enough to pollute the minds, particularly the young ones into characterless individuals.