• Metaverse is considered as a digital replica of the tangible world where folks are able to conduct their routine activities in this virtual realm.
  • Many mammoth organizations and celebrities have already made their foray into the metaverse, exhibiting the importance of this space.
  • Currently, several crypto games persist that serve as a metaverse, and offer the folks to earn assets that have real life utility.

A New World For People

As of now, I don’t think that anyone is unaware of this mesmerizing concept of Metaverse. It is basically a virtual realm which can be accessed via techs like AR, VR, MR.

Since the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg regarding rebranding Facebook to Meta, this concept has skyrocketed. FB is the biggest social network to this date, and the possibility of this social network tweaking sounds interesting.

Basically, all the activities we conduct in real life can be organized in this space, except for some obvious activities such as consumption of food.

Usually when folks hear the term Metaverse, what comes to their mind is some place similar to a game coming to life, which is highlighted in the novel Ready Player One, which Steven Speilberg turned into a film adaptation.

Ready Player One is the most accurate movie to this date that exhibits how metaverse is going to be. It showed how this technology is going to emerge in future.

Several organizations doing distinct activities have already stepped into the metaverse, like JPMorgan, Adidas, Gucci and several more, which offer distinct services to folks.

JPMorgan is an investment bank, Adidas is a sports organization, Gucci is a fashion brand. All these entities have decided to offer their services in this digital realm.

In short, people can do activities like shopping, banking etc., in this parallel universe.

Is Metaverse Here To Create A Void?

Now coming to the point, folks can do every possible activity in the metaverse which they do in real life. Does this mean they are gonna avoid doing those activities in the real world?

Well, it is possible, as people love technology and especially when it is offering them comfort. This space is going to provide them precisely what humans have always craved.

Imagine a world where almost everybody has an access to this digital realm, how the physical world will appear. Sounds like a deep void will take over the world.

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