• Technology Giant Samsung stated on Tuesday that its US based branch is initiating a latest Discord server to assist its Web3 activities.
  • Samsung has already forayed into the metaverse, when it announced its 837 flagship store will be opening in Decentraland metaverse.
  • Samsung is not the only Giant moving ahead towards the metaverse, organizations like Gucci, Nike, Adidas to name a few, have already made tier entrance in the metaverse.

A Baby Step By Samsung

Samsung, the tech mammoth, made an announcement regarding a Discord server to assist its Web3 activities, joining the club of several cryptocurrency projects utilizing the application for this motive.

The organization stated that this Samsung US server is specifically designed in a way that allows the users to interact and have fun altogether, and be able to get their hands on NFTs, events, products and other Web3 marvels.

Metaverse or Web3 are not a new concept for Samsung, as the organization has already marked its presence in the digital realm when it announced its 837 flagship store in Decentraland.

Samsung also announced its smart TVs that will support NFTs, allowing users to get hands on the digital tokens.

What Does This Means For Metaverse?

The Discord server will act as a base for the user and client base of Samsung to easily interact with each other, share ideas, receive updates, accessibility to NFTs, and other stuff.

The metaverse is a booming concept, but it has not become mainstream yet, if we look at the situation practically. Though many other organizations are showing admiration towards the sector, it is still under development.

Not just Samsung, many prominent organizations as well as celebrities have entered the metaverse. Even JPMorgan stepped into the metaverse, and is still there in Decentraland.

Talking about celebrities, Snoop Dogg is the perfect example when it comes to the metaverse. He has created his own digital realm by the name of SnoopVerse in The Sandbox game.

David Bekcham also announced that he is going to be the brand ambassador of DigitalBits Blockchain.

All these entries in the metaverse show the prominence of this virtual realm. Though it is developing at a slower pace, it appears that the space is luring a major number of people and organizations, indicating a moderate growth in the sector.

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