• Eric Schmidt is a software engineer and business person based in the USA. He has served as Alphabet and Google’s exec chairman.
  • Metaverse is considered as the digital world replicating the physical world, where folks are able to conduct all possible real life activities in this digital realm.
  • Many big organizations have already adopted this concept, and Meta (formerly Facebook) have turned their focus entirely towards the metaverse.

When Metaverse Is Going To Get Its Official Definition

Sure metaverse already has made its place in people’s hearts, but many folks around the world are still not sure about this ever evolving concept. This is partly because some are afraid to explore the unknown, rest because they don’t know the meaning of what metaverse actually is.

Eric Schmidt is among the latter folks. He stated during Aspen Ideas Festival, Colorado, that metaverse still does not have any specific definition, no matter if some organization has changed their name, pointing out towards the retitling of Facebook into Meta.

Eric Schimidt is still not sure how the metaverse is going to affect the lives of folks in future. The concept, as we know it, will allow the people to conduct real life activities in the digital realms. Bare bones in the metaverse is that folks will have a window to earn in their, and can easily monetize their creations and time spent in the metaverse.

Will The “Unknown” Metaverse Definition Stop Others From Entering The Space?

Sure there is skepticism regarding metaverse among several people all over the globe, this has not changed the mind of high rollers persisting today. Prada, Gucci, Adidas, and Disney, to name a few, are among the organizations that have admired metverse, and are well aware of its potential.

Not just organizations, metaverse have caught the eyes of celebrities around the world too. Rapper Snoop Dogg, Legendary footballer David Beckham, Paris Hilton, NBA Hall of Famer Shaq O’ Neil are among some celebrities to have entered this revolutionary concept.

The folks having faith in the concept of metaverse (including me), know that someday, it is going to take over the world to make everything easy and appealing to the eye.

Think of it like this, imagine you want to kill time to go shopping, and instead of actually getting dressed to kill (which is very time consuming), you just have to wear your VR headset, and BAM!!, you’re into the market, now enjoy the rest of your day sitting on your couch, and roaming the streets that too at the same time.

It is like Professor Hulk said, TIME TRAVEL!!

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