NFT Projects

  • The recent crashes led to the onset of mass skepticism on NFT projects.
  • To build customer trust, NFT Projects are hiring ‘Vibe Managers’.
  • Web3 influencers can contribute a lot to making a friendly atmosphere around the industry.

Why are NFT Projects Crashing?

Despite skyrocketing in many hearts, NFT projects are crashing in the financial markets. There is a lot of so-called fake hype generated in the world of NFT markets by multiple celebrities. These celebs include Lil Baby, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and Haim. This recent hype in NFT projects has soared globally—at least it seems like it—still, the data and graphs do not agree. The infamous NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club’s price points have fallen from 150 ETH to 90 ETH in just 150 days!

The question arises: Why are NFT projects rated so low? One of the obvious answers is: Because people don’t trust crypto. And why would they?

Every day we hear news about the falling prices and market crashes globally in the crypto/NFT world. There is a strong need for crypto leaders to keep the aura around the field positive and full of hopes.

The Creative Solution by NFT Leaders

The search for a new job responsibility was initiated to solve this issue. Daily, we hear job profiles like CEO, CTO, and CFO. Now is the time when we start hearing CVO. Yes, the ‘Chief Vibes Officer’. Doesn’t it sound like a cool job? These projects are globally looking for design-thinking, extroverted, and socially creative managers who can build trust among the existing customer base and potential buyers. 

The job of Vibe Managers is to engage with the community and promote their NFT projects through Twitter or other social media platforms. Thus, the main responsibility of these Vibe Managers is to create a friendly atmosphere among their followers. Web3 influencers are a few of the best candidates for this role of Vibe Managers. They have enormous communities, large fanbase, reach, as well as the trust factor.

After all, there’s a good-ol’ saying in the tech world: The solution to your problems lies in enriching your culture.

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