Leading crypto influencer Marvin Favis now a celebrity in his own right

Marvin Favis

It’s a great plus that coach Marvin Favis developed a pretty reputation among the colorful people he meets along. He has celebrity friends, and connects himself well to other influencers all around the world who are into his thing —NFTs and crypto trading.

With 2.4 million followers on Tiktok, 382,00 subscribers on YouTube, and more than 400,000 followers on Instagram, coach Marvin certainly has found his audience. 

He said, “More and more people are now diving into crypto because of its beauty and big returns in earnings. This technology is not only for crypto holders, but for artists like painters, singers and others into arts.

Marvin is a celebrity in his own right who has embraced the new normal and definitely thinks before he clicks. He has this effective way of speaking to netizens, as proven by how he gets the traction and trust.  Now the country’s leading crypto influencer, Marvin shares his key to getting his message across. It’s not something you haven’t heard before but certainly one you’d believe in, especially if coming from someone like him.  

With actress Bela Padilla

“My secret is people. They probably love me because I can explain complicated things like crypto in layman’s terms — very easy to understand,” said Marvin.  

Cryptocurrency as you may have heard is a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography, which makes it almost impossible to counterfeit. This new paradigm for money promises to streamline existing financial architecture to make it faster and cheaper.

With Marco Gumabao

Let Marvin explain that further, and you only have to check his social media accounts to dig through it.  Emphasizing on the need to see through people and make them feel comfortable about something that appears intimidating at first, he stressed, “I treat people as my students and family. We grow together, ups and downs. We are a family in my channel. I give all the information I gather, and we learn together. This is my passion and they feel it.” 

Marvin’s motivation stems from his goal to contribute to the betterment of the current society by sharing his knowledge about crypto and blockchain technology. He introduced crypto trading to many Filipinos. He’s been going around the world, like in key cities like Dubai and high-tech city-states like Singapore.

With Ivana Alawi

He’s rubbing elbows with crypto billionaires for a very good reason, as he intends to gather the latest knowledge in crypto space.  He shared, “Crypto attracted and captured my attention because of its possibility to help the community through low rates in transferring money. I treat bitcoin as digital gold which can be enjoyed via the earnings in the future and the technology of crypto in all aspects like in finance industry, gaming and socialfi, specifically blockchain technology.” 

For him, to describe crypto as a newbie, he needs to compare the thing to gold and discuss how money evolves from barter, gold, physical money, and now into digital cash like GCash and credit card.




2022-07-22 16:35:00