Two years ago, cryptocurrency was all the rage, as companies quickly jumped into digital currency, and celebrities from rapper Jim Jones to actress Reese Witherspoon touted the financial technology and their currencies.

Since then, things have changed. From May until now, more than $700 billion has been lost as the value of cryptocurrency has fallen. Making matters worse — those losses have been disproportionately felt by Black investors.

Black Americans embraced cryptocurrency as a way to work around the U.S. banking system and its regulations, which have discriminated against and marginalized them for generations. However, a lack of oversight has allowed many users to be taken advantage of.

But as MSNBC reports, things didn’t have to be this way. Since cryptocurrency became mainstream, there have been opportunities to have meaningful conversations about the future of digital currencies. However, celebrities and those in the entertainment industry quieted those voices to push their products.

Now that cryptocurrency has fallen to the bottom, this is the time for those meaningful conversations. Digital currency is not going away and the technology used to keep track of transactions, known as blockchain, is designed to work best in the Metaverse, which is still largely in development.

True financial literacy and learning the ins and outs of cryptocurrency as both creators and consumers are paramount to avoiding another billion-dollar loss. Teaching those interested in financial technology will not only protect users, but it can create opportunities for experts to make money from sharing financial technology and how to avoid becoming victims of another crash.

Digital currencies, like cryptocurrency and NFTs, are the foundation of the economy of the future, but if we don’t learn the basics and how to use them effectively, it will have the same effect as payday loans and other credit rip-offs — taking advantage of those in the most need.