Find the five best new cryptocurrency projects and releases to invest in during 2022.

Published: Thu 11 Aug 2022, 3:40 PM

With growing at a remarkable pace over the past two years, it is no surprise that there is a superabundance of new projects released in 2022.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of new projects released each day, finding a potentially profitable cryptocurrency project to invest in becomes tricky. It takes a long time to sift through weak projects to find a gem with a strong fundamental background for solid growth.

Well, we’ve done some research for you and found 5 of the best new cryptocurrency projects and releases to invest in during 2022.

New cryptocurrency projects and releases to invest in 2022

1.TamaDoge – The only memecoin to provide utility to all holders

2. Battle Infinity – Where fantasy sports leagues meet the metaverse

3. Silks – NFT derivatives of real-world racehorses

4. Fusotao – A decentralized order matching service for exchanges

5. FITN – An exercise-to-earn lifestyle application

A closer look at the new cryptocurrency projects and releases to invest in 2022

1. TamaDoge

TamaDoge is a play-to-earn game and a memecoin that actually provides utility for its holders. It is the latest edition of the memecoin industry and is expected to grow into the next Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

TamaDoge is currently conducting a beta sale for its native toke $TAMA. The beta sale went soldout in less than 10 days, with the project raising more than $2M. Pre-sale is now ongoing and is expected to run up until Q4 2022.


TamaDoge is a fun game that everybody can play, regardless if they are interested in cryptocurrency. The aim of the game is to breed, train, and battle little TamaDoge NFT pets to earn points and climb a leaderboard.

The player with the most points at the end of each month will win all the funds in the Dogepool prize fund.

The funds for the prize fund are generated through the sales from the NFTs in the TamaDoge Store. Users must purchase NFTs to get started in the game by using $TAMA. Furthermore, players can buy food, toys, and cosmetic NFT items through the store.

Of the revenue generated from the sales;

  • 5% is burnt, making $TAMA a deflationary token
  • 30% is used for marketing and platform development
  • The remaining 65% is sent to the prize fund for the winner to claim each month.

Once a player has their little NFT pet, they must be sure to take care of it by playing and feeding it. Eventually, the TamaDoge will grow into an adult and can be battled against other players in the game to earn points.

TamaDoge sets itself apart from other memecoins in the industry by integrating an innovative use case for its NFTs. Every TamaDoge NFT has an animated 3D model associated with it. This lets players use their TamaDoge NFTs as avatars in pre-existing metaverses.

Furthermore, TamaDoge also has strong future development plans that provide further utility for NFT holders. For example, they intend to produce an Augmented Reality application for users to be able to take care of their pets as if they were sitting in the same room as them. They also plan to release a complete TamaDoge P2E Arcade to expand the avenues players can earn from the game.

SolidProof has audited TamaDoge, and the team has been verified with KYC by Coinsniper.

Overall, TamaDoge provides a great blend of being a memecoin while providing utility simultaneously. In addition, the beta sale makes it the perfect moment to buy the token at what could potentially be the lowest possible price.


2. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is next on our list of new cryptocurrency projects to invest in during 2022 due to its unique concept of introducing the fantasy sports league into the metaverse. The project provides various products that come together to create an exciting ecosystem where players can create a fantasy league team and compete against each other to play and earn.

For peace of mind, Battle Infinity has already been audited by SolidProof and has an audit by Certik upcoming.

The entire premise of Battle Infinity is for players to come to the metaverse to build a strategic fantasy sports league team, which players can battle against each other to earn. To enter into the fantasy sports league, dubbed IBAT Premier League, players must first purchase an NFT pass, giving them a budget to start forming their own virtual sports teams.

Players can form their teams by buying NFTs for real-life sports players. To score the competition, Battle Infinity has created an in-depth points system for the following sports;

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Kabaddi

The sports players receive points for achieving specific performance metrics in their latest real-world sports games.

Taking football as an example, strikers are awarded 8 points every time they score a goal in their game. They are also awarded 2.5 points for every shot on target. In addition, point multipliers are available if the sports player is a captain or vice-captain – just as you would see in traditional fantasy sports leagues.


The data from the live matches are fed into the ecosystem through a decentralized API service.

Each sports player receives an individual score based on their performance, and the fantasy team with the overall highest points tally wins the battle and gets rewarded in IBAT Tokens. In addition to the match rewards, there are league rewards for users that finish on top of the league table at the end of the season.

The IBAT Battle Arena is where most of the action occurs for Battle Infinity. This is the metaverse where players can explore, socialize, trade items, or battle their fantasy sports teams against each other.

Overall, Battle Infinity is undoubtedly a strong contender for being the top project to invest in during 2022 due to its unique approach to combining the metaverse and the highly popular fantasy sports league industries.


3. Silks

Silks is another excellent new cryptocurrency project to invest in during 2022, as it bridges the gap between the real world and the crypto world by combining real-world horseracing with the NFT space.

Silks is the world’s first derivatives-based play-to-earn metaverse that contains NFTs that are digital replicas of real thoroughbred racing horses.

The entire premise of the project is to buy the best-thoroughbred racing horse derivative to win in-game prizes. If you own the NFT derivative of the racehorse that wins in real-life races, you win rewards in the game. Furthermore, you are also rewarded if your racehorse breeds offspring in real life.


The platform takes real-world data and stats from living thoroughbred horses and links them to NFTs. Some of the stats inputted into the NFTs are;

  • Horse bloodline
  • Training progress
  • Racing results

The real-world data is logged onto the blockchain NFTs through a process called mining. Miners are tasked to input the data and stats for the racehorses and earn $SLK tokens as a reward.

After the first drop of Horse NFTs, Silks will continue to drop additional NFTs in parallel to the real-world registration of yearlings. According to the Silks whitepaper, around 20,000 yearlings (horses that turn one year old) are registered yearly.


In addition to the Horse NFTs, the entire Silks ecosystem also contains the following NFTs;

  • Racing Silks Avatars
  • Silks Land Plots
  • Silks Stables

The Racing Silks Avatars are the digital uniforms players use inside the Silks metaverse, which are required to gain access. These uniforms are highly customizable and have specific traits that include;

  • Background color
  • Body pattern
  • Collar
  • Eyewear
  • Helmet
  • Helmet Pattern
  • Jacket
  • Sleeve Pattern
  • Primary/Secondary colors.

The first set of Genesis Silks Avatars was minted in April 2022, and they quickly became the number #15 ranked best-selling Ethereum Sports NFT on OpenSea. They were also ranked in the top 50 by on their NFT Gaming Index and purchased by community members of top-tier NFT communities, such as BAYC.

As a result of the overwhelming demand, Silks has decided to release another 5,000 Genesis Avatars to the public, with the first mint set for July 29th, 2022. In this mint, users that hold their Avatars for at least 45 days will receive a claim for a Silks Land NFT.

The Silks Land NFTs are parcels of land players can purchase to build on in the metaverse. In total, players can buy around 202,500 plots of virtual land. In addition, landowners can earn rewards for staking horses on their farms.

Overall, Silks has created a metaverse that contains a perfect blend of owning a racehorse and being able to earn a passive income.


4. Fusotao

Fusotao is a verification protocol for a sequential order-book-based matching system. It allows traders to easily trade in the DeFi sector without paying exorbitant fees while maintaining the same trading experience as a centralized exchange.

Built on the Octopus Netowork, Fusotao leverages a blockchain application chain and an off-chain matching system. Together, these two layers help to execute off-chain and verify on-chain.

The blockchain application chain acts as the verification layer with the off-chain matching system connecting buyers and sellers.

As Fusatao is a community-driven network, the TAO tokens are distributed through community rewards who participate in the protocol. Users can participate by;

  • Staking – Earn from transaction fees through staking TAO tokens
  • Trading – Users that trade on the Fusatao based-DEXs will earn TAO tokens according to traded volume
  • Becoming a Validator – Validators earn rewards by staking OCT tokens which represent collateral against malicious behavior
  • Claim as a Matcher – Projects can claim as an exchange and start matching to earn from transaction volume.

The project launched in Q1 2022 and has already managed to attract almost 125,000 followers on Twitter. It is backed by big names, such as Big Brain Holdings, SevenX Ventures, and Fish DAO.


FITN is an Exercise-to-Earn Web3-based lifestyle app that pays users to exercise and stay fit. The project combines NFTs, GameFi, and SocialFi on the BNB Chain to create an ecosystem that rewards users for staying active.

FITN takes the concept of move-to-earn further by integrating a range of different exercise modes that include;

  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Working out
  • Yoga/Meditation

These exercise modes are integrated into little challenges and minigames for players to earn.

To start participating in the platform, players must first purchase one of the five types of NFTs for different sports;

  • Training shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Athlete shoes
  • Bicycles

Each of these NFTs comes equipped with a specific amount of “Power” units. Each unit of Power equates to 5 minutes of exercising to earn. Users need to purchase more Energy boosters with $FIT tokens to upgrade their NFTs and earn more.

Users can trade their NFTs and sell NFT boxes, Energy Boosters, and Badges on the marketplace. In addition, players can earn an income by renting out their NFTs to other players.

The platform also has strong social features, including a referral club, a workout club for group exercise, and a meditation/yoga club.

FITN has developed a machine learning program to detect cheating through data simulation. It also uses the motion sensor, device health data, and GPS tracking to help prevent cheating. Any player that is found to be cheating is punished accordingly.

FITN was founded in Q1 2022 and has already gained over 25,000 followers on Twitter. The project is backed by some big names, such as Crypto Venus, Unicorn Ventures, and SS Ventures.


As you can see from this list, many new cryptocurrency projects and releases are still worth investing in this year.

In our opinion, TamaDoge is the best new cryptocurrency project to consider investing in first. The game provides a perfect mixture between being a memecoin and being a complete P2E ecosystem for anybody to participate in.