IBAT Battle Infinity is creating a space of its own, that too a valuable one, in the Crypto market. With the  launch on PANCAKESWAP, the coin would be listed and traded with a boom. To commemorate the pre-launch special occasion, IBAT is  throwing a big party  in Delhi for its launch on 17th August 2022. The party is expected to be studded with celebrities, cricketers and imminent personalities from various fields. 

Since the presales, IBAT BATTLE INFINITY creating news on a day to day basis owing to its performance. The Metaverse token outperformed in the stipulated time compelling to wrap the presales in 25 days which was scheduled for 3 months. The record breaking sales of 16530 coins reaching the hard cap shows the investors’ affinity towards IBAT, which now prepares the best altcoin of 2022 before trading on PANCAKESWAP. 

IBAT aims to celebrate the pre launch with a bang and inoculate the success of it’s presales in the international market. With highly distinguished and renowned figures to make a mark in the celebrations, IBAT has way more than enough reasons to crown it’s glory to mark it’s own Success!

With all Indian brains in the hind framework of IBAT, co-founder Suresh Joshi has a robust team of developers to scale ahead. He not only expressed his gratitude towards the investors for showing confidence and courage to invest in IBAT in the pre-sales also has promised it’s performance and growth. He estimates IBAT meta token to grow 100x in the coming days.

Till now, Indians entering the market have made their mark more than just a mark. Be it Polygon (Matic) coin available on exchanges like Coinswitch Kuber or GanderCoin, Indians have shown to be performers in the international market scenario. 

With the vision of the founders aiming high to enter various gaming platforms the scalability of IBAT across the fantasy gaming zone would be quite commendable. Suresh Joshi, the co-founder says “Our ecosystem at Battle Infinity, a gaming platform, hosts a number of P2P battle games that are integrated with the Metaverse’s “The Battle Arena” universe. Gamers can enjoy the immersive experience of the Metaverse world in the Battle Infinity world in addition to playing and engaging in combat. You can engage in a variety of virtual activities in the Battle Arena, including performing, watching, exploring, and more. The token performance is already seen in the pre-sales and the launch will show a catapulted effect. Visit our telegram for more discussion”.

IBAT is, therefore, considered to be one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency tokens, competing with established platforms like Axis Infinity, Sandbox, etc. A better option than the less effective coins of the past is Battle Infinity. With six different products that are already gaining traction and that are also available as NFTs, IBAT is soaring to reap the most benefits from its popularity among players and investors alike.