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Buying digital currencies that cost $1 or less is a great alternative to fractional crypto investing. Not only that, but it’s a great way to diversify an investment portfolio.

With this in mind, today we analyze the 10 best crypto under $1 for 2022.

Overview of the Best Crypto Under $1 For 2022

Investors without the required time to read this guide in its entirety can glance over the below list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022.

  1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Overall Best Crypto Under $1 to Buy Now
  2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Exciting Ecosystem That Promises Huge Future
  3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)– Daily Prize Giveaways and NFT draws
  4. Dogecoin (DOGE) – The Original Meme Crypto Under $1 With Attractive Upside Potential
  5. Polygon (MATIC) – Disney’s Blockchain of Choice is Trading at Less than $1
  6. Tron (TRX) – Invest in a Crypto Project That has Partnered With MetaEstate
  7. Gala (GALA) – Ethereum Token For Crypto Gaming and Purchasing Digital Goods
  8. Enjin – (ENJ) – Ecosystem and Next-Gen Blockchain Gaming Launchpad
  9. Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Most promising Crypto With Large Community Support
  10. Stellar (XLM) – Highly Decentralized and Well-Established Open-Source Payment Network

The list above of penny tokens covers everything from crypto gaming projects and blockchain prize draws, to payment networks solving global transfer issues.

Full Reviews of the Best Crypto Under $1 to Invest in 2022

Having scoured the market, we believe the cryptocurrencies discussed below represent a worthy addition to any investor’s portfolio. Many investors looking for the best crypto under $1 to invest are also searching how to earn free crypto in 2022.

To aid the decision-making process for investors, we divulge key points surrounding the project’s business model, use cases, market cap, and more.

1 – Tamadoge (TAMA) Overall Best Crypto Under $1 to Buy Now


Tamadoge has come out on top as the best cheap cryptocurrency and one of the best altcoins to buy in 2022.

It is a meme coin with a difference – unlike Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and others that went before it, not only does Tamadoge offer the fun, community and potential for huge gains that those coins do, it also promises to be offer real utility for the future with a play-2-earn game and NFTs

That’s because of Tamadoge Pets and the wider Tamaverse. Pets are NFTs that holders can breed, grow and care for over time, showering them with collectible gifts and rewards.

When they are big enough they can then take their Pets to do battle against other players – earning points and fighting for position on a global leaderboard that offers rewards in the form of TAMA tokens.

tamadoge 1million raised

By the start of 2023 Pets will be in glorious 3D and then by Q3 2023 they will be on augmented reality, with users able to hunt for TAMA tokens in the real world alongside their Pets.

TAMA is poised to become one of the best crypto private sales of the year with sales rocketing past $1 million this week and new investors needing just $10 to buy in.

Tamadoge has also been audited by Solid Proof and has  had its KYC validated by CoinSniper, allowing potential investors to know that the project is legitimate and credible.

Investors can download the whitepaper for this project on the Tamadoge website.

2 – Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Exciting Ecosystem That Promises Huge Future

Investors looking for what could be one of the most profitable coins of the year should look no further than Battle Infinity. The project is an ecosystem that includes various crypto games, a marketplace to buy, sell, swap, and more. Its native token is IBAT.

As IBAT is built on the Binance Smart Chain, investors can buy BNB (which is widely accessible ) and swap the tokens for Battle Infinity’s native coin. Notably, this cryptocurrency sold out its presale allocation in just 24 days, raising more than 16,500 BNB or $5 million.

The Battle Infinity platform is redefining blockchain gaming with its NFT-based fantasy sports offering that is linked to the metaverse Creators can host their own mini-games on the network too. Moreover, the IBAT Premier League is the first fantasy sports game that is on the blockchain.

Users will be able to create their own teams, win rewards in the form of Battle Infinity’s native token, IBAT, and engage in multiplayer matches. Each sports game is integrated with the metaverse and the idea is to build a strategic team of players in the form of NFTs.

Battle Infinity

This is one of the newest play-to-earn games in development and users can battle it out with others around the world. This allows Battle Infinity users to earn rewards for winning games, coming top of the leader board, and much more. Battle Infinity is a multiple P2E and gaming platform that was designed with both gamers and creators in mind.

Moreover, everything on the platform is integrated with the blockchain and metaverse. There are six divisions. The IBAT Premier League fantasy sports league includes cricket, football, basketball, and more. Another element to the ecosystem is Battle Swap, which is a marketplace where investors can buy, sell and swap IBAT. Do you know what the best crypto airdrops are? Read our full guide for more details.

Meanwhile, Battle Market is an NFT marketplace for gamers, artists, and creators. Battle Store comprises P2P, multiplayer, and PBP games that are integrated with the aforementioned marketplace. Battle Arena is this project’s Metaverse world, in which users can interact with other avatars in a virtual setting.

The whitepaper is available to download on the Battle Infinity website. For further updates and developments, including when IBAT will be listed on exchanges including PancakeSwap, join the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

3 – Lucky Block (LBLOCK)- Daily Prize Giveaways and NFT draws

One of the best performing cheap cryptos in 2022 was Lucky Block. When the project was officially launched in January 2022, its native token LBLOCK was at the center of one of the fastest-selling crypto presales. Moreover, LBLOCK pumped by nearly 60x to just over $0.009.

Lucky Block was also among the fastest digital currencies in history to reach $1 billion in fully diluted market capitalization. Within 90 days of its introduction, this cutting-edge crypto under $1 attracted more than 50,000 investors.

This project includes a blockchain-based crypto-gaming use case that enables traders and investors to participate in regular prize draws. Not only that, but 10,000 different NFTs have been produced by the Lucky Block team.

Lucky Block also offers the best NFTs to buy, as investors who purchase them will be added to the exclusive Platinum Rollers Club. This offers LBLOCK holders a wide range of advantages, including unlimited entry into the Lucky Block NFT draw.

Lucky Block Price

Moreover, users will automatically be put into the daily prize draw after linking their crypto wallet to Lucky Block. The overarching goal of the Lucky Block project is to offer the world P2E rewards in LBLOCK tokens and offer fair and transparent prize draws.

This will be achieved via crypto games and competitions using blockchain protocols. What makes the Lucky Block project different from non-blockchain games of a similar nature is that every prize draw results in rewards for ticket holders. Not only that, but there are no blockchain fluctuations, payouts are instant, and the prize draw is accessible on a global scale.

At the time of writing, the circulating supply of LBLOCK is approximately $40 million, according to CoinMarketCap. The maximum supply of LBLOCK is 100 billion. Investors can add LBLOCK to their portfolio for a fraction of a cent.

4 – Dogecoin (DOGE) – The Original Meme Crypto Under $1 With Upside Potential

Investors who are keen to find the most popular crypto might like Dogecoin. This project began life as a parody of Bitcoin. However, although the creators of this digital token only intended to mock the cryptocurrency space, Dogecoin soon turned into a multi-billion dollar movement.

In 2021, Dogecoin became the de-facto meme crypto. Widespread support and exposure from celebrities, in addition to communities of investors on online platforms such as Reddit, started buying DOGE in their droves.

Dogecoin price

As a result, Dogecoin hit its highest ever valuation. This crypto project started 2021 off with a market capitalization of around $1.3 billion. By the end of 2021, it had skyrocketed to a valuation of more than $85 billion

To this day, the project’s native token DOGE is among the most popular crypto to buy on Reddit. At the time of writing, Dogecoin carries a market capitalization of nearly $10 billion and ranks number 10 on CoinMarketCap.

Outside of Reddit however many do consider Dogecoin a ‘shitcoin‘.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

5 – Polygon (MATIC) – Disney’s Blockchain of Choice is Trading at Less than $1

The Polygon network was developed to make the Ethereum blockchain more scalable and to support additional use cases. Polygon operates through a sidechain that connects to Ethereum and permits additional processing.

The goal of the Polygon project is to solve Ethereum’s processing capacity issues. As a consensus mechanism, it also makes use of the proof-of-stake paradigm. Additionally, in 2022, Polygon announced a partnership with Disney, the globally recognized media and entertainment company.

Disney has selected Polygon’s blockchain for its esteemed ‘House of Mouse’ accelerator program. Meanwhile, another significant agreement was reached with the popular social media site Reddit.

Polygon price

The Polygon/Reddit partnership will let users buy blockchain-based avatars for their profiles in the NFT format. In the NFT space, it collaborated with Flipkart Firedrops, which is also hosted by the Polygon blockchain.

As a result of these major deals, Polygon is shaping up to be the most promising crypto project of its kind. The market capitalization of Polygon at the time of writing is over $7 billion. Moreover, since this coin’s all-time high of $2.87 in December 2021, MATIC is trading at a 68% discount.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

6 – Tron (TRX) – Invest in a Crypto Project That has Partnered With MetaEstate

Tron has been on the scene since 2018 and is one of Ethereum’s most well-known rivals. Its native token is TRX. This project developed an entertainment-focused standalone blockchain, rather than attempting to build a new Ethereum ecosystem.

As a result, the platform gives content producers ownership over their work. They are able to do away with middlemen who control the channels for distribution and revenue collection. They may use the decentralized network to directly share their work and material with friends and followers while earning a commission in the form of digital tokens.

Additionally, Tron incorporates a number of cutting-edge crypto technologies into its decentralized network. This includes Web 3.0, NFTs, DeFi, and dApps. However, this blockchain project has had endorsements from multiple well-known figures.

Tron price

Multiple companies use the Tron network in some way or another. This includes Sony Interactive Entertainment, Samsung, Poloniex, and MetaEstate. The latter is a collaboration that will see Tron entering the metaverse space and building a digital ecological complex in the Cryptovoxels.

For those unaware, MetaEstate is a leading real estate NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, this might be the best crypto under $1 for budding digital real estate investors. At the time of writing, the market capitalization of Tron is over $6 billion.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

7 – Gala (GALA) – Ethereum Token For Crypto Gaming and Purchasing Digital Goods

Gala is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies under a dollar for metaverse and gaming. A notable partnership for this crypto project is Epic Games. As anyone who is into gaming will know, Epic is a notable brand in this industry.

The Gala project is developing Web 3.0 games and aims to reinvent the industry through decentralization, incentivization systems, and user ownership. As such, Gala is competing in the niche industry of ‘own-your-experience’ gaming.

Gala price

The platform has hundreds of titles in development and several already at various phases – from pre-sale to beta release. The aforementioned projects are anticipated to aid and accelerate value increases for GALA tokens.

With so many games in the pipeline, this is likely to be a good option for long-term investors looking for the best cryptocurrency under $1 to buy. At the time of writing, GALA has a market capitalization of just over $410 million and is a little less than $0.60 per coin.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

8 – Enjin – (ENJ) – Ecosystem and Next-Gen Blockchain Gaming Launchpad

Decentralized platform Enjin makes it simple for developers to produce and exchange virtual assets. The native token of the ecosystem is ENJ. Enjin has discovered an application case in the creation of NFTs and the commercialization of resources inside the gaming industry.

Enjin and Atari, one of the biggest video game franchises globally, struck a deal to work together in the video gaming sector. As a result, characters are made profitable by being converted into tradable NFTs.

Enjin price

Enjin makes this feasible without necessitating a time-consuming effort on the part of game designers. The Enjin project is being embraced by a sizable number of game creators. The ecosystem is expanding at a good pace, making it one of the best penny crypto assets to invest in right now.

This platform also has use cases in the auto industry, which includes a contract with BMW. Samsung and Microsoft also support Enjin. The market capitalization of ENJ is just $557 million as of writing.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

9 – Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Most Promising Crypto With Large Community Support

Shiba Inu showed itself as one of the most popular crypto projects in early 2021. This was thanks to an outpour of support and endorsements from the crypto community and celebrities, as well as a meme coin craze. Its native token is SHIB, which is one of the best cryptocurrencies under $1.

However, this meme coin isn’t just a one-trick pony anymore. By introducing an NFT market and a token launchpad, developers have committed to growing the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Furthermore, SHIB developers launched an NFT marketplace in 2022 called King Shiba.

Shiba Inu price

The team has also created a metaverse called Shibarium, which is expected to be released in Q3 2022. The platform has also partnered with a range of eCommerce shops to broaden the use cases for SHIB.

Additionally, the burn rate for SHIB token prices has been raised. The team anticipates that these developments will propel SHIB and investor portfolios to previously heights. The market capitalization of SHIB at the time of writing is over $7.5 billion.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

10 – Stellar (XLM) – Highly Decentralized and Well-Established Open-Source Payment Network

Another project to consider on our list of the best cryptocurrencies under $1 is XLM, the native token of Stellar. This is a highly decentralized payment network with open-source software. The Stellar project aims to completely transform the way money is transacted on a global scale.

The provision of crypto storage services and financial inclusion to reach the unbanked are two of its primary goals. Furthermore, Stellar was created with the common user and people in underdeveloped nations in mind.

Stellar price

The platform offers easy, rapid, and affordable transactions that provide users access to the global economy. All-in-all, Stellar is a reliable cryptocurrency project. It has a solid team behind it and addresses a significant issue in the real world, namely the exorbitant cost of sending money overseas.

Stellar also boasts several significant collaborations, including those with IBM, MoneyGram, and Circle. At the time of writing, XLM has a market capitalization of nearly $3 billion and is priced at less than $0.15.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

Is it Worth Investing in Crypto Under $1?

Whether or not it’s worth investing in crypto under $1 depends on the aspirations of each individual trader. That is to say, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets and therefore have a high level of risk attached.

That said, below we talk about some of the reasons investors might look to gain exposure to the best crypto under $1.

Buy Larger Amounts of Tokens

One reason investors decide to buy crypto under $1 is to purchase large amounts of a token they believe will make them long-term gains.

For example, if an investor has a budget of $100, they could opt to buy just a tiny fraction of a high-priced token like Bitcoin.

Alternatively, they might buy hundreds or even thousands, of digital tokens from a penny crypto in the hope that it blows up and they make an attractive profit.

Read More: Check out our guide on the top crypto projects with the most potential.

Earn Rewards and Win Prizes

Some of the best new crypto projects under $1 offer rewards, perks, or ways to earn a yield.

  • For instance, TAMA is not only a coin with big potential, it will offer rewards in a play-2-earn game as well as NFT holdings
  • Battle Infinity offers multiple ways to earn and win rewards in the form of tokens that users can swap or sell.
  • In fact, everything within the Battle Infinity platform that is minted as an NFT is tradable within the ecosystem.
  • This allows users to buy and sell NFTs with ease and hopefully make a profit.
  • IBAT can also be staked to earn a yield – adding an incentive to hold.

In the case of Lucky Block, every investor who buys an NFT is automatically entered into a weekly prize draw – for life. Lucky Block also gives eligible LBLOCK token holders a free ticket to the jackpot draw.

Great Way to Diversify Crypto Holdings and Limit Risk

By choosing the best crypto under $1, investors can buy digital currencies with a variety of applications. One of the guiding concepts of investing that helps lower a portfolio’s risk is diversification.

After all, risk management in this developing, turbulent market is crucial. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrency projects with various use cases or goals is a common approach to diversifying cryptocurrency holdings.

This is actually easier than it sounds, as there is such a wide variety of low-cap cryptos priced under $1. This was clear to see in our earlier analysis of the most promising crypto assets.

We included everything from fantasy sports blockchain games to meme crypto assets and payment networks.

Best Place to Buy Alternative Crypto Under $1

Some investors may prefer to access one of the many alternatives to the best crypto under $1 we’ve talked about today.

As such, below, we’ve reviewed the best online broker to make that happen.

Read on to find out about trading fees, features, and more.

eToro – Best Online Broker For Alternative Crypto Under $1

eToro logo

More than 25 million people use the eToro platform to trade. It is a highly regarded social trading website that offers a wide range of crypto assets at just a 1% commission. eToro is regulated by multiple financial bodies and offers a professional, fair, and transparent service.

The majority of the best cryptocurrencies under $1 we’ve discussed in this guide are also listed at this brokerage. US investors can place an order to buy cryptocurrencies from just $10 or more. As crypto assets like Dogecoin are under $1, investors can buy more than a hundred digital coins or more when meeting the minimum.

A paper trading account with $100,000 is available for all investors and the eToro cell phone app allows users to access the best crypto under $1 with little effort. One of eToro’s best features is the ability to mimic the buy and sell orders of a pro-investor to reduce the learning curve.

This is called Copy Trading and the minimum investment is $200. On the other hand, those who want an immediate and diverse portfolio of assets can check out the platform’s other passive investment tool – Smart Portfolios. These allow investors to gain exposure to a professionally managed basket of crypto assets via a single trade.

There are several payment methods available when financing an eToro account to purchase crypto under $1s. Credit/debit cards and e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller are supported. The account may also be funded via wire transfers and ACH.

Pros :

  • Buy crypto under $1 with low transparent fees
  • Free cell phone app
  • No fees on USD deposits
  • Smart Portfolios and Copy Trading to shorten the learning curve
  • The minimum investment is just $10


  • Perhaps not enough technical tools for advanced traders
  • Doesn’t Support MT4 or MT5

Your capital is at risk. Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


This guide has analyzed the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. Tamadoge came out as the best as it combines the fun and potential for huge gains like traditional meme coins, as well as offering users real world value and long term utility.

TAMA is in its beta presale phase and rocketed past $1 million this week and is now offering a $100,000 reward to holders with just $100 worth of TAMA.

Battle Infinity is also a good pick as an innovative ecosystem which includes a fantasy sports title connected to the metaverse and NFTs.

Battle Infinity’s native token, IBAT, sold out its presale allocation quickly but will be listed on exchanges, like PancakeSwap, soon.

To keep up to date with the latest news and information join the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

tamadoge presale

Battle Infinity


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