Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT continues to scale and expand its international activities. After entering the cryptocurrency market in Spain and opening its own representative office here, WhiteBIT is negotiating cooperation and partnership with the legendary and one of the most titled soccer clubs in Europe, FC Barcelona. Currently, negotiations on a corresponding agreement are in the final stage.

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It has become known that among other things, the agreement includes WhiteBIT logo presentation on the sleeve of the club’s jersey, one of the assets that can bring the most profit to FC Barcelona. In addition to the main soccer team, the WhiteBIT logo will also appear on the uniforms of FC Barcelona’s women’s soccer and basketball teams. Also, a number of social, image and sports activities and projects will be jointly implemented as a part of the cooperation between WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona.

Further development and details on the negotiations between WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona will be known later.

Reference: WhiteBIT is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. It complies with all KYC and AML requirements. It is among the top 2 exchanges in the world in terms of security, based on an independent audit by Hacken and is AAA rated. There are over 500 participants in the WhiteBIT team.

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