The idea of making money is rapidly moving from the fiat industry to the crypto space, as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue to show they are forces to be reckoned with. Depending on the trend and market season, there is a lot to earn from your investment. The key to making it work is diversification. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is at the top of the list today- and in the crypto market- as a token with a fresh, lighthearted perspective. The token shares the same ecosystem as other decentralized finance chains to channel wealth into a peer-to-peer economy. 

Token holders can sell, buy and trade their tokens on a trustless, secure, and transparent platform. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) token is also built on the popular Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, putting it at the fore of smart contract compatible networks. 

The Cat among Doges, Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Since Dogecoin (DOGE) chose the Shiba Inu dog breed as its mascot, several meme cryptocurrencies have tailored their symbols to the canine direction, including the “Dogecoin Killer,” Shiba Inu (SHIB). 

Seeing a chance to showcase its superior features, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) came out with its unique, bright-colored cat. Not only is the cat a meme, but it also has a story that has attracted many buyers to see what else the “cat” has to offer. 

And the cat-themed cryptocurrency has much to offer, it seems. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) begins with its team of engineers, legal representatives, developers, and more working to make the platform scalable and sustainable. 

At the heart of the meme token ecosystem is a desire to impact the aquatic ecosystem, as charity operations deemed towards ocean life preservation is one of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) plans on the provided roadmap. 

The non-fungible token industry will have to make room for the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) token, as the network isn’t letting up on its plan to roll out a collection that will top the charts and bring profit value to the community. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is also growing in influential circles due to strategic marketing plans and social media representation. So it is no wonder celebrities and crypto analysts have begun to show an avid interest in the token, with holders multiplying in impressive numbers. 

Is Big Eyes Coin (BIG) token legitimate?

Every cryptocurrency project discusses how they have the best resources to provide maximum investment return. They tell buyers of the potential to earn a passive income should they join the community. 

For this reason, crypto buyers are advised to be skeptical while choosing a token or coin to invest in. However, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has released its whitepaper on the official website. The whitepaper contains a roadmap and the goals, strategy, concerns, and implementation plans. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has been KYC verified on Coinsniper to prove its anti-rug pull and audited by Solidity Finance for 100% security. While the founders and team behind the projects haven’t been revealed- as with many other popular crypto- they have gone ahead to show their legitimacy. 

Start buying Big Eyes Coin (BIG) tokens

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) began presales on the 19th of August, which is still ongoing. The steps to buy BIG and join the crypto cat house are simple. 

First step: You’ll need a compatible wallet. MetaMask or Trust wallet would do, although the former is better preferred for a smoother desktop experience and Trust Wallet if you purchase on your phone. 

Second step: You’ll need to connect the provided wallet using the “connect wallet” option. You’ll be offered more options to either; buy with ETH or buy with USDT. 

The minimum amount of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) that can be bought is 1,000; for this, you’ll need at least $15 USDT or the same worth in ETH. You can buy ETH using this link-

You’ll be asked to convert USDT and then approve your transaction twice to cover all bases. 

Third step: After purchasing BIG, you will need to wait until presales are over before getting your tokens. However, you should visit the website and search for the “claim” button to receive it. 

The Bitcoin (BTC) alternative — Ethereum (ETH) 

The second cryptocurrency to be launched after Bitcoin (BTC) has outperformed the latter in many ways. Its scope not only encompasses a trustless medium of dealing with finances but also supports smart contracts and enables dApps. 

Ethereum (ETH) is an open-sourced blockchain, allowing permissionless and permissioned transactions to be carried out on the blockchain. The average number of transactions that can be carried out on the Ether network is significantly higher than its predecessor, with a capped supply of total coins. 

While proof-of-work has been Ethereum (ETH) consensus mechanism, consuming an unhealthy amount of electricity, the network is close to an upgrade merge. The merge will provide the network with superior technology for faster, better, and more efficient operations. 

Slated to happen in September, Ethereum (ETH) will have an even bigger appeal to developers and holders. 

Ethereum’s (ETH) Appeal 

Ethereum’s founder- Vitalik Buterin, designed his platform that would provide use cases beyond Bitcoin’s reach. While Bitcoin deals mainly in crypto trading and decentralized finance, Ethereum (ETH) provides various exchange options, from its native coin to smart contracts. 

Ether (ETH), the native coin, has a variety of functions. It executes smart contracts, stores third-party applications’ data, and processes transactions. Innovative applications for ETH include web browsing, supply chain management, web gaming, security initiatives, storing data, and more. 

With its inclusive ecosystem, Ethereum (ETH) has thousands of developers and even more decentralized apps, and NFT marketplaces ranked high on the list. The narrative around Ethereum (ETH) transcends real-world utilities that many competing chains have tried to copy without much success. 

This is why it has remained a top choice for investors despite the congestion and exorbitant prices that Ethereum (ETH) dishes out. 

Hex Coin (HEX) 

Hex (HEX) is the first high-yield Certificate of Deposit blockchain. However, it utilizes an upgraded concept from the traditional certificate of deposits. (CDs). 

The results are investment tools with removed banking fees, significantly higher average return rates, and a decentralized cryptocurrency. 

Hex (HEX) operates similarly to a decentralized autonomous organization, doing away with the need for central entities and censorship elements. In HEX, the user is the bank, and they control their funds using peer-to-peer trustless technology. 

HEX runs on the Ethereum (ETH) chain, with lower buying prices and high security. The company has undergone two independent audits that are visible for anyone on the network to scrutinize. 

HEX’s appeal 

HEX is the token of the platform and is used to reward stakers. Holders can buy the token and hold or stake it for some time. The token also has a low inflation rate with about 40% APY. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presents a wide variety of real-world utilities to users, from decentralized finance opportunities to non-fungible tokens and the freedom to handle your finances as you wish. The only requirement is that you be a holder, and that can happen by joining the presales that is ongoing. 

Join the Big Eyes family today by visiting