There are considerable changes in the crypto world; some will shake stable positions of the most valued cryptocurrencies. After the crypto crash in May, many investors have withdrawn their investments, expecting a long and unstable crypto winter.

On the other hand, the crypto world wouldn’t be what it is if he didn’t provide alternatives that could bring back investors to this side. One of the best parts of the significant change in the crypto world is gaming, a new worldwide fever among serious internet users.

Three games, Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block, should be impressively attractive to the new users in months to come and worth investing in.

Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block are new potential games in the crypto world and new rising stars for investors. All three are potentially the best currencies to invest in, showing the numbers of buyers so far. The games are exciting and attractive but created on well-known bases, so even old gamers can recognize them. On the other hand, they have numerous additions that will keep players entertained in the future, too, meaning that they will grow into popular games. All should raise the price constantly. 

What is the most prominent feature of Tamadoge?

Tamadoge has made an impressive first appearance in the crypto market and raised $19 million quickly. The price constantly jumped as the number of sold tokens grew, so presale ended much earlier than developers had planned. The investors had intended to offer half of the market cap, $1 million, for the presale, which was sold a couple of months before they planned to end the presale. The type of the game and, indeed, a beautiful gaming model made this currency one of the best for investing.

You can purchase Tamadoge’s native token TAMA on a centralized exchange (CEO) called OKX (previously OKEx). For buyers who cannot approach the centralized business, there is a decentralized exchange called DEX. The procedure is straightforward, so you should hurry up to become an owner of one of the best coins to invest in this season. 

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Why is TAMA a good model for investing?

One of the important reasons why Tamadoge is a good game for investors is its simplicity and entertaining potential at the same time. The game is created on the previously top-rated games, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, both created by the same developers as for the Tamadoge. Thanks to their experience and significant knowledge about these games, they upgraded those versions to the perfect model, Tamadoge. They have changed all faults in this game and improved the model to the highest quality. 

The game is based on growing the pet that gamers can buy in one of the specialized stores inside the game. During that time, the owner will nurture, feed, and upgrade the pet until he creates a unique avatar in the game world. The game will have specialized stores where you can buy those additions and invest in developing the pet as a unique NFT token. Later, the gamer will be able to sell it if he likes. Aside from that, pets can battle with other pets and move up on the leaderboard, so win the prizes. The player can win a prize on one of the giveaways; where some of them had the price of $100.000.

This model of gaming and the potential to keep the player constantly entertained brought the excellent possibility to this currency. The first value of 50 TAMA for 1 USDT has jumped to 40 TAMA and keeps jumping. The community of more than 20k members on the Telegram group and more than 70k on Twitter promises fantastic potential in the future, too. After the FOMO bought upwards of $80.000 in Ethereum, the currency jumped in only a few days. If you are preparing to invest in a new cryptocurrency this fall, Tamadoge is one of those that has fantastic potential to multiply your money. 

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Why is IBAT a great model for investing?

If you are looking for a particular P2E game, where battling is the first and basic gaming model, Battle Infinity is the right option. Created as the classic battle game, it combines a P2E game, NFT, and a rich virtual world. If you want to earn tokens denominated in IBAT, you will have a lot of ways to do it. You can use different avenues and get involved in Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports league. Also, you can use a crypto stake or NFT trade. As you can create your avatar, upgrade the player, and invest in additions, you can later sell the player on the market as an NFT token. 

IBAT is a BEP-20 token with a supply of a 10 billion market cap. The game has already attracted numerous new players, and it has also ended the presale shortly. You can find it on Pancake Swap, applied on CEX listings. You can also buy IBAT on DEX for prices that are not as high as they will be. IBAT is one of the currencies showing how attractive the crypto world can be, where you can play and earn simultaneously. Hurry up and invest in one of the most exciting gaming models this season!


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Why is LBLOCK good crypto for investing?

Although LUCKY BLOCK is a type of online lottery, it is not a classic game. More likely, it is crypto where the value grows according to players’ interests. Talking about the good, it had an impressive jump in value in previous months, with more and more new users that wanted to invest in this currency. One of the best parts is that creators will offer the game to players worldwide so that everybody can join. It accordingly increases the value of the currency. The currency is leveraged on blockchain protocol and operates on Binance smart chain.  

The player can increase the chance of winning the prize by investing in new tokens. Low-marking transactions enable players to participate in lotteries, which increases the chances of winning awards and the value of tickets. The game is not related to the local financial system and not be restricted at any moment. As the currency is listed on LBank and led on a centralized exchange and decentralized, you can easily purchase it. Purchasing the currency is entirely free from fees, so investing in it allows for creating a sustainable financial plan


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How to buy TAMA?

Before choosing one of the currencies mentioned above, you should inform about how to purchase them. The newest currency you can invest in is TAMA, listed on OKX as a centralized exchange. The procedure is straightforward; you should register on OKX and start trading. The currency has been available since 13:00 UTC on September 23rd. If you cannot approach centralized exchange, you can buy it on decentralized exchange (DEX), as well. investments in this network presume a lot of advantages. One of them is winning a mystery box with a value of $10.000. 

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Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block are some of the greatest moments in the crypto world. They also show that the crypto world is not as scary as you think; after the fluctuations in the market and many changes that affect the price and stability of the currencies, those three promise that there are tokens worth investing in. You should catch the opportunity to invest in a new superior meme coin and multiply your investments very shortly.