Cryptocurrencies have been on a free fall this year. The global market has been characterized by high inflations, unstable price actions, and resulting increases in interest rates.  

While this has been ongoing, newer tokens were introduced to the market. A few of them, like Tamadoge, Lucky Block, and Battle Infinity, flourished, while some went bust with the global crypto market. Still, more coins will be introduced. We are looking out for the new IMPT coin, which promises to be a good investment.

Before we talk more about these relatively new coins, let’s take a brief look at how the “father of all cryptos” has been faring and whether or not we can expect a boom this Q4.

Bitcoin Q4: Boom Or Bust

Of all the digital currencies affected this year, Bitcoin has experienced staggering downturns throughout the year. The most recent being a firm bottom at $18,210 on September 19. Before then, the coin had reached a low of $19,230 on June 30. Within the past four months, the highest mark bitcoin has passed is the $25,200 mark, and it subsequently crashed back hours later.

In the following weeks till the end of the year, crypto analysts predict a calmer market. But despite these optimistic outlooks, we advise that all investors consider the occurrence of volatile swings before making any decision. While experts may sense a stable foothold, anything could change the narrative. Expect a favorable outcome while still planning for a less favorable one. 

Looking at indicators, though, Bitcoin price presently reflects what could be a bullish resurgence. If this run-up gets triggered, investors could see BTC go up by at least 20% before hitting a stop at the 200-weekly Simple Moving Average (SMA). If the upward momentum is strong enough to move past the SMA blockade, then Q4 may end with BTC surpassing the next resistance level at $29,563.

Top 7 Coin To Help You Benefit Regardless Of BTC Price Action

Any price action on Bitcoin will have a ripple effect on most altcoins. A boom means altcoins will also boom, while a bust results in more losses for altcoins investors. 

These top seven coins will remain profitable in the face of a BTC bust or boom.

  • Tamadoge (TAMA) — Crypto Investors’ Choice For The Next Token To Explode In Q4 
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) — Next Best Crypto With Innovative Fantasy Sports Features
  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK)— Deflationary token in the competition and reward crypto market
  • IMPT (IMPT) — Decentralized Currency Focused On Creating Greener Earth
  • Copium Protocol (COPC)— Cutting-edge Crypto Mining Ecosystem Coin
  • Pancakeswap (CAKE) — Largest Decentralized Ecosystem Token
  • Ripple (XRP) – Popular Crypto Project Poised To Rebound To Top 3 Major Cryptos

Comprehensive View Of The Top 7 Cryptos To Benefit From This Q4

After studying the year’s price actions and predictions, we can categorically state that the following coins will help you benefit regardless of a BTC Boom or Bust!

Tamadoge (TAMA) — Crypto Investors’ Choice For The Next Token To Explode In Q4 

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new coin launched as part of the Tamadoge metaverse game. Tamadoge allows users to create NFT pets and nurture them as they mature into diverse adult creatures. The TAMA coin is crucial to this ecosystem. Players can use it to buy extra pet NFTs from the in-game shop or to buy items that strengthen their pets. You can mint, develop, and battle more pets if you have sufficient Tamadoge.

Tamadoge is now available on OKX, a global cryptocurrency exchange with over 20 million users. TAMA has increased approximately 900% from its initial presale value ($0.01 to an all-time high of $0.089) and is now scheduled to launch on MEXC and LBank on October 5. A Binance listing application has already been submitted, with the coin following only Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in terms of 24hr volume for meme coins.


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Battle Infinity (IBAT) — Next Best Crypto With Innovative Fantasy Sports Features

Battle Infinity, a metaverse-based gaming platform that has exploded into the spotlight recently, is another project leading the way to the next crypto boom. Much of the appeal of Battle Infinity stems from its multiple P2E features, which enable users to receive recurring revenue payouts.

These income payments are made in the Battle Infinity ecosystem’s native BEP-20 token, $IBAT. Users can produce $IBAT in various methods, including staking and trading NFTs. The core feature of Battle Infinity is its innovative blockchain-based fantasy sports league, which pays members who build successful teams.

IBAT is now available on DEX PancakeSwap and CEX LBank, with more listings on larger exchanges expected in the coming months. 


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Lucky Block (Lblock)— Deflationary Token In The Competition And Reward Crypto Market

A $300,000 Lamborghini, a $1 million home, and $1 million in Bitcoin are among the unmatched prizes now offered by Lucky Block, a crypto and NFT competitions platform.

In the coming weeks, LBLOCK may go through a successful crypto bull run. The project now has a BSC token and its new ERC-20 token, LBLOCK V2, which has been listed on MEXC, LBank, and It has now finished its V2 token upgrade.

The LBLOCK V2 coin is scheduled to list on additional exchanges soon and is tax-free, in contrast to the V1 coin, which garnered 12% fees. The project also disclosed that starting on September 30, it began a monthly 1% burn to reduce supply and raise each token’s value drastically.

LBLOCK’s price has increased by nearly 3,000% from the pre-sale price due to the buzz, giving LBLOCK a market cap of more than $750 million.

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IMPT (IMPT) — Decentralized Currency Focused On Creating A Greener Earth 

A brand-new cryptocurrency initiative called IMPT seeks to transform the carbon credit market completely. By designing carbon credits as NFTs and utilizing the Polygon blockchain’s capacity, the IMPT ecosystem offers special advantages to all stakeholders while making it simple for users to acquire, sell, and exchange carbon credits.

The best thing about IMPT is that it makes it possible for consumers to get carbon credits. Users can easily obtain carbon credits through regular buying activities, eliminating the need to go through a complex investment process

According to the project’s whitepaper, Partner brands like Apple, Tom Ford, and Microsoft will contribute a portion of their sales margin to worthwhile projects on the IMPT platform. When customers make purchases, they will receive this margin in the form of IMPT tokens in their digital wallets. Presale has started; you can purchase your tokens on the platform’s website.

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Copium Protocol (COPC)— Cutting-edge Crypto Mining Ecosystem Coin

Copium Protocol has gained attention as a cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining venture since the project’s inception. The platform uses an innovative method to promote crypto mining to all users. Instead of hiring hardware or hash power, the project improves its mining facility and shares its revenues with users through a smart investment ecosystem.

The Copium Protocol ecosystem is supported by the ERC-20 token known as Copium Coin. It supports various ecosystem activities, which will be made public as the platform develops and expands. Copium Coin’s primary function will be to support the ecosystem’s staking reward scheme. 

Interestingly, users can stake their Copium Coin holdings for both locked and unlocked periods in return for lucrative rewards. However, the interest rate is not constant, as it varies based on the locked period of the chosen staking contract. More so, 1 billion tokens will be available in total. You can also hold your Copium coin in any wallet that supports Ethereum because it is an ERC-20 token.

Copium Coin (COPC) will be officially launched in the 4th quarter of this year, and its exchange listing with Uniswap will follow suit. You can join the presale run now and take advantage of the cheap price of $0.10 per Copium coin to benefit from the project.

copium protocol

PancakeSwap (CAKE) — Largest Decentralized Ecosystem Token

PancakeSwap is an automated market maker DeFi application used for trading and purchasing commissions using leased-out liquidity. This platform has one of the most extensive user bases in the decentralized market and records a high daily trade volume. Users can trade, earn, and win crypto in the PancakeSwap galaxy. 

The platform’s native asset is CAKE. It has experienced speedy growth and substantial gains since it got launched. PancakeSwap is one of the top competitors against Ethereum-based platforms based on its much lower transaction rates and tokenomics. This excellent investment also offers high staking yields and passive income possibilities that users can rely on.

Ripple (XRP) – Popular Crypto Project Poised To Rebound To Top 3 Major Cryptos

Following some encouraging developments in the network’s continuing legal battle with the SEC, XRP may be on its way to the moon. The organization known as Ripple is in charge of creating “RippleNet,” a decentralized payment system that enables quick and inexpensive exchanges of multiple currencies.

XRP, which serves as a “link” between the two currencies, facilitates the process. Due to this strategy, RippleNet has been viewed as a logical replacement for the old-fashioned SWIFT network, which can sometimes take up to three working days to process transactions.XRP

Last Words

You still have thirteen weeks to the end of the year to make a profitable crypto decision. Your best bet at benefiting from the global crypto market, irrespective of what indicators reflect, is investing in one or more of the listed tokens. 

You can purchase TAMA, IBAT, LBLOCK, and XRP on major blockchains like OKX, OKX DEX, LBANK, UNISWAP, PancakeSwap, and many others. IMPT presale is still on; you can join the presale by heading to their official website.