It is not unusual to see celebrities and social media personalities promoting cryptocurrency projects. Big Eyes Coin does this intentionally to get more interest circulating around the project, and Binance does this to promote cryptocurrency to audiences who may not have had previous exposure to the technology.

But which celebrities are getting involved, and what can they bring to these projects?

In this article we will be looking at Big Eyes Coin, Binance, and Apecoin, as well as the celebrities they are working with, in order to see what these personalities are bringing to the projects.

Khaby Lame Binance Collab Set To Bring Web3 Awareness

Binance has recently announced that they will be collaborating with TikTok star Khaby Lame to promote awareness of Web3 technology, which they intend to do through videos explaining common Web3 questions as well as an exclusive NFT line.

Binance working with big name stars is nothing new- earlier this year Binance began work with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to make a unique NFT line to get sports fans involved with crypto. Working with a TikTok star like Khaby Lame is a great way for Binance to reach a Gen Z audience, who may still be learning about Web3 and crypto technology and want to see it explained in a stripped down, simple way.

This is a smart move from Binance, and a great way to use a personality to reach a new audience to grow the pool of crypto users.

Snoop Dogg Otherside Engagement Shows Apecoins Potential

While not a direct collaboration with Apecoin, Snoop Dogg’s routine interaction with the Bored Ape Yacht Club and their metaverse project Otherside is certainly great promotion for the project.

Seen earlier this year in his performance at the VMAs with Eminem, Snoop Dogg is a major promoter of Otherside, having done the performance in the metaverse. Showing off the potential of Otherside so publically is a genius form of promotion, and by doing so also helps build the value of the token the metaverse is built on.

For Apecoin holders, this performance would have certainly been an exciting one. And for average people without knowledge of the metaverse, a great first introduction to the technology.

Big Eyes Coin Partners With Ieda Wobeto

As previously mentioned, Big Eyes Coin is a recently released meme token project utilising social media influencers as a way to maximise the viewership of the project. Crypto influencers on platforms such as Twitter have been getting involved, with one such personality being Ieda Wobeto.

Ieda Wobeto is a crypto enthusiast and Twitter personality with over 100,000 followers. Her work with fledgling crypto projects is vast, with her Twitter page primarily used to spread the latest crypto news and keep her followers informed on the hottest project entering the market, such as Big Eyes Coin.

The work Ieda Wobeto has been doing with Big Eyes Coin typically consists of her tweeting about the project, including a Tweet and links to entering the Big Eyes Coin giveaway. Her latest tweet of this nature has garnered over 275 likes in just a week, with the amount of viewership the post received likely to be much higher.

Big Eyes Coins’ social media marketing techniques seem to be paying off, as the project is currently in its third presale stage after having raised over $3.3 Million. The skys the limit for Big Eyes Coin, and as this promotion continues, it is impossible to guess where the project will go next.

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