With cryptocurrency adoption in Nigeria is spreading daily, with more than 70 per cent of crypto traders between 18-60 years old, Nigerians are choosing to store their money in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the blockchain. 

Roqqu, a technology platform, in its quest to drive cryptocurrency adoption and the opportunities it has to offer to more Nigerians, Africans, and the globe at large, are constantly developing unconventional and unique features that help the utilisation of crypto and the entire blockchain technology in their everyday lives. 

According to its management, “Pushing this adoption across all demographics involves working with the celebrities, OAPs, media houses, influential people, brands across several sectors and industries. These partnerships increase awareness of blockchain as a whole. With Roqqu, you can access and manage cryptocurrency, and other digital assets”

Earlier this morning, the company unveiled their latest celebrity ambassador, music star, Ololade Ahmed (Asake), as their newest ambassador. 

 Speaking to journalists, Benjamin Eseoghene the CEO, Roqqu said, Asake is unconventional and as a brand, we are unconventional. Just imagine when two unconventional partnership meets. It is out of this world. To us, Asake is not just a celebrity but a face that speaks volumes of unconventionality, difference and is a pacesetter. He shares our values of hard work, excellence and progress.

“This morning’s announcement represents a significant step forward for our marketplace and the African cryptocurrency economy. This partnership with Asake will allow us to assist African cryptocurrency enthusiasts in accessing and purchasing various cryptocurrencies securely.


“Although the collaboration focuses on our mission to promote global economic inclusion, we believe Roqquians will enjoy working with him. And we know that more of this will help expand our vision into other parts of the continent, opening up Africa as a future market.

“Roqqu has led the way for other platforms in exciting product offerings with its instant deposit and fast withdrawal, Infinity Loans, Virtual Cards, Payment Links, NFT, and more. This, along with our 0.5 per cent referral bonus on every transaction and our all-exciting CSR for the well of the nation”, he said.

Responding, Asake said, “I have always set the bar high for myself, but to be a brand ambassador for Roqqu, feels like a new level. The brand is so unconventional, and I am excited to help define what that means to our generation & my fans. I can’t wait to make Roqqu proud”.

Asake joins a team of diverse and accomplished Ambassadors like Aproko Doctor and northern artiste Hikima to help push innovation forward. As a Roqqu ambassador, Asake aims to help promote accurate information about the benefits of blockchain technology to young people. He plans to create a vibe for social engagement and conversations about blockchain technology in Nigeria, encouraging everyone to adopt and use cryptocurrencies.

To raise financially sustainable individuals, Asake’s collaboration with Roqqu aims to help educate fans about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the power of blockchain technology. This awareness to his audience will further inculcate the crypto adoption drive in our society. Asake believes crypto is an exciting new financial tool that will revolutionise how people exchange money. He believes that Roqqu is the best exchange for this revolution.