Many blockchain projects have popped up in the past few years, all trying to solve scalability problems that prevent crypto from mainstream adoption.

Here’s the list of some cryptos that are still set to pump into 2022:

  2. IMPT
  4. TAMA
  5. QUANT
  6. XRP
  7. AAVE

It’s hard for blockchain to scale because of slow transactions and high fees. Incompatibility with legacy technologies has been a major concern for most blockchain technologies. That’s why projects like Quant exist. 

Dash 2 Trade

The Dash 2 Trade platform helps traders and investors make money and becomes better trader and investor. Everyone from experienced crypto traders to newcomers will benefit from its dashboard.

This platform also allows you to score ICOs and presales and automate your trading. With a range of strategy-building tools, traders can backtest their strategies in real-time and without risking anything.

Dash 2 Trade uses D2T as its native token. Since it does not contain taxes, you can use it to pay for Dash 2 Trade and backtest strategies. It is quite possible that D2T token price will increase dramatically once the platform has properly launched, as it may become in high demand.

We are now in the second phase of the Dash 2 Trade presale. The campaign has already raised $2,702,182.4 of a total of $5,166,000, so we are halfway there and should be done soon, which is great! Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on some D2T tokens today! 

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IMPT has been ranked as the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency of 2022. The project strives to be environmentally friendly and actively contribute to reducing climate change, unlike other cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which use a lot of power.

Based on the Polygon blockchain, IMPT can make carbon credits into NFTs so that anybody can trade them. $IMPT tokens are used everywhere in the IMPT ecosystem. The $IMPT makes buying, selling, and trading carbon credits easy.

In order to create a truly integrated ecosystem that connects brands, businesses, and individuals under the same roof, IMPT has partnered with more than 10,000 global brands.

IMPT Price Prediction

Just over a week after starting, the IMPT presale is at over $3.8 million in total funds raised so far. At the moment, 600 million IMPT tokens are on sale for $0.018 each. There is, however, a limit of $10.8 million for the presale.

In the next phase, 660 million tokens will be offered for sale at $0.023 each, and in the third phase, 540 million tokens will be offered at $0.028 each.

It has just been a week since IMPT began its presale, and more than 35% of the funding has already been raised. As you can see from these numbers, it was a successful presale, and its value is expected to soar in the coming years.

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Calvaria: Duels of Eternity features a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) game where players compete with cards depicting different characters, each with unique abilities. As you progress, you earn rewards and upgrades by beating your opponents and using intricate strategies.

The gameplay in Calvaria is somewhat different from those in Splinterlands and Gods Unchained. Storylines are woven tightly into the P2E model of card battles, involving DAOs, stakes, NFT stores, as well as minigames.

Detailed roadmaps show how exciting Calvaria: Duels of Eternity will be in 2023. In this game’s expansion, VR experiences will be included as part of several new features.

In only a few days, Calvaria’s first presale was a huge success, raising $300K. The second presale has already received 47% of its funding goal for the second presale, which caps at $700K. It’s time for you to take action now. RIA tokens are about to run out, so buy now!

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The meme coins dominated the crypto market in 2021 as the popularity of Dogecoin, which a lot of celebrities had hyped up, became a big deal in the crypto market.

Recently, Tamadoge has emerged as one of the most popular meme coins.

Tamadoge (TAMA) brings Play-to-Earn (P2E) to the next level with its Tamaverse, a virtual world in which Tamadoge pets can be bred and trained for combat. After battling it out on the leaderboards, the top players receive TAMA every month.

Tamadoge Price Prediction

Tamadoge’s long-term growth strategy sets it apart from other meme coins. Also, TAMA tokens have been extremely popular in the presale stage. Tamadoge raised nearly $20 million through staggered presales in just two months.

As soon as TAMA goes public this year and next year, its market cap will go up. Since it is already listed on LBank, which has over 7 million users, the price will increase even more quickly.

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Quant Overview

With Quant’s Overledger operating system, they provide a range of blockchain solutions. Using easy-to-install solutions, this project promises intuitive enterprise software and blockchain integration.

Quant’s Overledger API gateway lets different blockchains communicate with each other. Although the tech sounds complex, API gateways create routes for all kinds of tech, so businesses don’t need to change their whole tech stack to incorporate blockchain.

On its website, the company says it wants to connect all the distributed ledgers in the world for faster, accelerated growth” it wants government, businesses, and individuals to use its interoperability solutions.

Quant’s native token is QNT. It’s a utility token that supports a range of Quant functions. As of 8 August 2022, the QNT price hit $132.84, and it’s still going up. At the time of this writing, it was up 52% in the last month and has passed the psychological $150 barrier.

Quant Price Prediction

It has been predicted that it will explode soon by many crypto websites. The value of QNT in September 2022 is predicted to be around $156.40 by one famous website. According to the site, prices will hit $168.96 on average in 2023 and $174.00 in 2024. According to Quant price predictions, the average price will reach $228.14 in 2025 and climb to $534.02 by 2030.

The XRP crypto is another one that’s going to take off pretty soon. Currently ranked #6 among all crypto projects by market capitalization, XRP is worth more than $24 billion at the moment.

XRP Overview

Ripple Labs is a US-based company that has created, issued, and partly manages the XRP cryptocurrency. The XRP is one of a bunch of products designed by Ripple Labs to make cross-border payments more accessible, especially in the banking sector.

As a native digital currency, XRP is part of the XRP Ledger, an open-source, permissionless distributed ledger capable of processing transactions in three to five seconds. 

With XRP, you can send money directly without an intermediary, which makes it easy to bridge two currencies. To facilitate currency exchanges, XRP serves as a mediator.

XRP Price Prediction

In the past 24 hours, XRP has gained 0.5% and is up 1.5% in the last week. It’s up 37% in the last 30 days, too, on the expectation that Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC is over.

Ripple’s case has increasingly turned in its favor in recent weeks, which has helped XRP perform well over the past month. The chances of XRP rising dramatically are high if the legal battle winds up favoring it.

XRP has outperformed the market over the past 30 days, which is down by 12.3%. Not to mention the price of XRP had grown by 130% since December 22, 2020, when the SEC filed its lawsuit against Ripple.

A spike like this indicates the market thinks Ripple will come out of its case on top. In fact, when you take a look at the entire market, cryptocurrencies have increased by only 37%. So we can conclude by all these numbers that XRP’s going to blow up soon.

Besides these top-performing cryptos, some eco-friendly options are doing exceptionally well. Let’s check them out, shall we?


Aave is a popular and easy-to-use lending protocol. It lets you borrow and lend a lot of cryptocurrencies. You’ll get interest payments if you deposit cryptocurrency with Aave.

The unique features of Aave have made it stand out from other lending protocols. Interest rates can be switched from fixed to variable according to the borrower’s preference. Aave also offers FlashLoans, which require no collateral. But they have to be repaid at the same time.

So, that’s all about it. These are the cryptos that are set to pump in 2022 and beyond. Due to their unique features, XRP and Quant have already gained a great reputation within the crypto market and are on their way up the charts. IMPT, the eco-friendly coin, and Tamadoge, the meme coin, are also making headway and are about to take off.