Top market players believe Big Eyes Coin’s run thus far isn’t a regular occurrence, and the success can be credited to its team of developers. The new cryptocurrency is still on presale, but its market penetration and prominence have exceeded many cryptocurrencies in the coin market. A billboard displaying the cute-cat token recently went up in Times Square as part of the effective marketing strategies the meme coin’s developers have lined up.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is enjoying the hype and buzz of conventional meme coins and could even bag celebrity endorsement soon. There’s little wonder why there’s FOMO around the cat-theme token with these things in store.

Crypto investors are optimistic about the meme coin’s potential, and analysts have tipped it to be part of the next set of cryptocurrencies to blow.

With the new cryptocurrency’s current run, analysts believe it will outperform promising prospects like Gala (GALA) and Basic Attention Token (BAT). Crypto investors are considering joining its presale before Yuletide, which could be a profitable decision.

Gala: Making GameFi Better

GameFi is another sector billed to experience exponential growth months from now, and Gala is a major crypto project in this space. The Ethereum-built gaming platform aims to facilitate the development of blockchain games and ensure users derive optimum satisfaction and fun from games leveraging blockchain technology.

Gala will leverage innovative technologies to ensure it remains highly efficient and functional for users. The gaming platform will have NFTs-related applications, and users will be able to leverage the NFTs to earn. Users leverage the platform’s native token to complete transactions and facilitate other activities like governance on the platform.

Gala (GALA) reached a $0.8 all-time high in the previous year’s fourth quarter, after an impressive upward rally from a less than $0.0005 market price in 2020. However, most crypto enthusiasts could not benefit from this due to the crypto asset’s low prominence. It has declined by about 90%, but the coming year could be slightly better.

Basic Attention Token: Improved Efficiency

Basic Attention Token (BAT) was launched to ensure the optimal efficiency of ads for advertisers. The crypto project combines the Brave web browser and blockchain technology to achieve this. It ensures that ad consumers earn, their data remain secure, and they’re only exposed to ads that interest them.

This improves ads efficiency. Advertisers pay for these ads with the BAT token, and consumers equally earn rewards as BAT.

Despite the crypto project’s innovative utility, it is yet to reach its full potential or achieve optimum prominence. Its native token, BAT, reached a new all-time high in the previous year but hasn’t been able to sustain the run. It has suffered a price dump, but analysts believe improved adoption could see it rise again.

Big Eyes Coin: Meme Coin Trendsetter

Big Eyes is an Ethereum-based  ecosystem with DeFi-related utilities. It is optimized for wealth creation, growth opportunities, and fun while contributing immensely to the well-being of the world’s ecosystem through charity.

Big Eyes will bring wealth into DeFi by ensuring increased adoption and seamless accessibility. The crypto project will provide educational resources for users willing to learn more about the space and make the most of it.

It will feature its NFT collections, a Swap for exchange, and a marketplace for trading. Users will be able to leverage these features to generate wealth. They’ll be about 200 billion supply of Big Eyes tokens (BIG), with 80% available to users on presale. The Big Eyes token (BIG) will facilitate all platform activities that require payment. It is also billed to be a great crypto asset soon.

The new meme coin is swiftly progressing to its presale end. It has raised about $11.3 million within a few months and looks set to launch on UniSwap and other top exchanges in the coming year. Big Eyes (BIG) launch may be accompanied by a post-launch price pump, making it likely for presale token holders to enjoy an early profit. You should join the presale now.

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