Big Eyes Coin

Market buzz and prominence contribute greatly to cryptocurrencies’ adoption and possibility to succeed in the coin market. Top crypto assets like Ethereum (ETH) rose through the ranks to become a popular and profitable crypto asset, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is likely to follow suit.

The closest meme coin to achieving this feat is Dogecoin (DOGE), the most valuable meme coin by market capitalization, but Big Eyes Coin hopes to be the new Sheriff in town.

Market analysts are not downplaying the meme coin’s potential to achieve this feat, and they believe the new cryptocurrency can even back the prominence with excellence.

Big Eyes Coin

Ethereum: The Most Valuable Altcoin in the Crypto Market

Ethereum’s greatness as a crypto project runs from its utility to its value. As a blockchain network, it is the most reliable smart contract and dApp building platform hosting thousands of decentralized applications. Many new crypto projects, including Big Eyes Coin, functions on Ethereum, and the highly-efficient platform is still billed for more upgrades to serve users better.

Ethereum’s native currency, Ether (ETH), has the largest market capitalization for any altcoin and has been the closest to Bitcoin (BTC) for a long while. The cryptocurrency gradually rose in prominence to its current point, and it’s unlikely to lose its position soon. Ethereum (ETH) is a great store of value, and its network has provided opportunities for many dApp developers to create a user experience for users. Ethereum boasts great adoption and prominence, and it could take a while before any new crypto project can match its feat.

Big Eyes Coin: The Crypto Project to Bring Back Meme Glory Days

Big eyes coin

Barely a year ago, the meme space was buzzing and enjoying the spotlight as many crypto investors made it an unwritten rule to have one crypto asset from the sector in their portfolio. However, the attention and interest are gradually diminishing, but new meme coins like Big Eyes Coin are making a great effort toward returning things to the status quo. The meme coin’s drive to achieve high market prominence and success will impact the meme space positively, and Big Eyes’ success will inspire the rise of other similar projects.

This means Big Eyes Coin can achieve Dogecoin’s (DOGE) feat of being an inspiration for many dog-theme tokens. The cat-theme token could do the same, resulting in strong ecosystems of cat-theme meme coins that can rival the strong dog-theme meme coins ecosystem. Big Eyes have about 200 billion in total supply, with about 5% allocated to marketing. The marketing efforts channeled towards the crypto project will make it highly likely to reach Ethereum’s prominence level.

Big eyes coin and BNB

Big Eyes Coin has used the contest strategy to gain high adoption and market popularity. The effect of the marketing strategy is evident in its successful presale run. The meme coin has also made an appearance on Time square billboard, a feat that’s uncommon in the crypto market. Big Eyes Coin’s next line of marketing would be influencers’ and celebrities’ endorsements. This could have the same value and exposure-increasing effect it had on Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in the previous year.

These strategies position Big Eyes Coin to be capable of reaching Ethereum’s prominence level in the coming year. The crypto project won’t have to bother about maintaining its prominence, as it boasts utility and community support to keep it relevant for a long. The developers are also committed to its growth and longevity, with plans of constant upgrades and improvement lined up for the meme coin.

The new cryptocurrency self-propagating ecosystem will help it achieve its aim of making DeFi more profitable and protecting a part of the world’s ecosystem through charity. Big Eyes charity intervention will add to its prominence, while its DeFi utility will make it profitable for adopters. The meme coin has all it takes to reach Ethereum’s prominence level, and purchasing its presale token at this point could yield returns for you, as it’s billed to boom soon.

Big Eyes Coin

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