Legendary rapper Eminem has more fun than he likes to admit. He might have the image of a tough guy, and no one’s doubting his status in that regard. With that being said, he has proved that he likes to loosen up and have more fun than other tough guys.

Take for instance his feuds. He’s beefed with hardened rappers like The Game and Jay-Z, but he’s also dissed the innocent musician Moby. Yeah, he’s also dissed his ex-wife Kim as well. At least she does seem to be putting her life back together after all of that drama.

Eminem also participates in simpler activities. Whether it’s going to the Detroit Lion’s training camp sessions or rapping songs for Call of Duty, he does like to show off his child-like side. Kids over the last few years have been into cryptocurrency and NFTs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise he’s at least tried the newest internet sensations.

The latest information is that Eminem has gone all out on his NFT purchases and that he’s spent a lot of money on them. Was it all a waste? Here’s everything you need to know.

Everything To Know About Eminem’s Net Worth

Before looking into his NFT buy, it’s imperative to look at Slim’s net worth to see how much he could realistically afford when buying an NFT.

Compared to other celebrities, Eminem’s net worth is on a whole different level. It makes sense, as his whole career goes beyond most celebrities in terms of fame and accomplishments. According to Wealthy Gorilla, Eminem has a net worth of $230 million.

Eminem in 8 Mile
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Where exactly does he get his money from? It’s hard to break his songs down into how profitable they were, especially in the digital streaming age we’re in. However, he has three diamond songs, which is an incredible feat not many musicians have accomplished. ‘Lose Yourself’ is pretty much the biggest song Slim Shady has released, and that song alone has made him millions on millions of dollars.

All of those chart-topping songs and albums equal profitable merchandise and concerts. Eminem’s Monster Tour which took place in 2014 was one of the biggest tours of all time. It was so big that Rihanna was Eminem’s opening act for the tour.

All in all, Eminem has a lot of money to waste on NFTs if he wants to. But is his money truly a waste?

Everything To Know About Eminem’s NFT Purchase

Everyone from Tom Brady to Paris Hilton has toyed around with NFTs, yet many people still don’t know what they are or what purpose they serve. What are NFTs?

NFTs are a hard concept to think about if you think about it for too long, but there is a simple explanation for them. NFTs are valuable assets that people trade, similar to artwork or an artifact. The only difference is that it’s done over blockchain cryptocurrency instead of using real dollars. Typically, the assets purchased are digital artwork, such as profile pictures for social media.

Eminem performing on stage
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According to Fortune, Eminem has actually purchased one of the most expensive NFTs yet. He reportedly spent $462,000 on an NFT. The NFT was created by the most famous source of NFT artwork, Bored Ape Yacht Club. They base their drawings around a unique cartoon ape. If you’ve seen one of their NFT cartoons, you’ve seen them all. Eminem has used his NFT for this profile picture on Twitter, although he can use them for more things in the future.

Case in point is a music video Eminem created with Snoop Dogg. The animation style was created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the video incorporated Eminem’s personal NFT. While Eminem’s purchase might be somewhat costly and wasteful, he’s still found a use for his NFT.

How did Snoop Dogg end up in this music video, though? Is he interested in NFT too?

What Other Celebrities Have Purchased NFTs?

If anything, Snoop Dogg is a bigger fan of NFTs than Slim Shady. Snoop has purchased an NFT worth $7 million, the most expensive NFT bought to date. Just like Eminem, it’s clear there are more purposes for his NFT aside from social media, such as music videos and mascot incorporation.

Snoop Dogg and Eminem are easily two of the biggest advocates for NFTs, but who else has tried to experiment with the new form of digital trade?

As mentioned earlier, Tom Brady has dipped his toes into NFTs. His experiment started in 2021 and continues until this day. Just like Eminem and Snoop Dogg, Tom doesn’t see his purchase of NFTs as a one-off thing. He’s incorporated it into other areas of his business life by investing in his own startup called Autograph. It doesn’t involve the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and instead involves things like, well, autographs. It’s a digital fan club that revolved around Tom Brady, though more celebrities seem interested in incorporating in for themselves.

Perhaps the most shocking celebrity to get involved with NFTs is superstar Paris Hilton. She created a whole collection of digital NFTs, catalogized in the same way a lot of her clothing is. She did something else that was unique when she announced a virtual game called ‘The Sandbox’. A lot of celebrities have video games about them, yes, but Paris has a whole metaverse based around her personality and party lifestyle.