Move over Tom Brady, there’s another leading man in cryptocurrency., a crypto currency platform, kicked off a new global ad campaign today starring Matt Damon. The ad, called “Fortune Favors the Brave,” was directed by Oscar winner Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher with help from agency Pereira O’Dell. The spot will debut in “Thursday Night Football” on Fox. 

In the ad, a black-clad Damon walks past virtual renderings of Magellan, an Edmund Hillary-like figure scaling a snowy mountain, a rendition of a Wright Brother, and a group of astronauts. He talks about those in history who “embrace the moment and commit,” spurred on by the phrase “fortune favors the brave.” It ends with a shot of Mars, a reference to a comment by Elon Musk late last year that future colonies on Mars will run on cryptocurrency. is joining the growing number of crypto companies that are pushing to make cryptocurrency more mainstream by tapping high-profile celebrities. Back in June, Bitcoin ATM Coinflip did a spot with Neil Patrick Harris. In July, Spike Lee starred in an ad for Coin Cloud, also a crypto ATM (though the spot did not go over well). Cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s ads feature Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Most recently, FTX confirmed it will be doing a Super Bowl 2022 ad.

“This is the introduction of our brand to the world,” said CMO Steven Kalifowitz. “We just want to raise awareness and show folks what we stand for. When they’re ready, we’re here to help them learn more about the crypto space.” is also expected to run commercials in the Big Game, according to a person familiar with the situation, but a company spokeswoman declined to comment. 

“The timing of this campaign coincides with the early stages of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, something we’ve been hard at work to advance since our founding five years ago,” Kris Marszalek, co-found and CEO of, said in a statement announcing the ad. “We’re very excited to introduce our company to a global audience inviting them to our secure platform with a message focused on financial independence and self-determination.”

Matt Damon ticks the “celebrity” box for “We wanted someone who would resonate globally,” said Kalifowitz. He adds that Damon’s role in “The Martian”  was a “fun point” and made him more of a fit. But the company also recently partnered with, Damon’s nonprofit that focuses on safe drinking water and sanitation. The crypto company said it made a $1 million donation to the nonprofit.

The campaign will run on billboards and TV globally, starting tonight on Fox Sports. The campaign will also integrate into’s other partnerships in Formula 1, UFC, the NHL and the NBA., which was founded in 2016, has several products that cater to different levels of crypto-savviness. The company’s app is for new customers; it has an exchange for traders; its DeFi Wallet is for cryptocurrency holders; and it has an NFT offering. It says it has over 10 million customers across products. is also part of Visa’s crypto-card network.