MADRID–()–After two years, Kevin Comadran’s Medabots gaming brand has been officially recognised in Japan, thereby consolidating his video game’s rights worldwide.

The Medabots video game, which will be released on iOS and Android, is a game of battles between robots with interchangeable parts, each with its own power and particular feature. It is a turn-based game with two modes: Single player (story mode with levels) and Multiplayer, played online against other players who are beaten by winning parts from them. The game also has an online shop where users can sell their parts.

Last month, Kevin Comadran also launched the Medacoin cryptocurrency, which will work within the game for players to buy parts and robots. His cryptocurrency has already been listed on LBank and he is in negotiations with other exchanges.

In the first two weeks of its launch, his Medacoin achieved a market capitalisation of $93 million. The game is recruiting ambassadors, including Bitboy and “The Cousins” from Breaking Bad, with other internationally recognised celebrities joining soon.

Kevin Comadran plans to launch the Medabots game this Christmas and pre-release access will be available to those in the Medacoin community. The game is being developed with a Triple-A team. On its official channel, Medabots already has 14,000 people registered and waiting for the game to be released.