Sports journalist Nathan Baugh shares NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s best investments. The two-time NBA champion has investments in cryptocurrency, delivery startups, and a digital fitness company, to name a few.

The current crop of NBA stars are not only great ball players but business savvy as well. These pro athletes know how to grow their money, especially with the multimillion-dollar contracts offered to them. LeBron James recently became the first active NBA player to be a billionaire.

One such superstar whose investments have not been very public is Kevin Durant. The Nets superstar recently signed a $198M extension with the Nets organization. According to Forbes, Durant ranks 3rd as the highest-paid player in the league.

The 33-year old has investments in more than 80 companies through his firm Thirty Five Ventures. Durant would be reportedly making $87.9M this year, including his off-court earnings.

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Sports journalist Nathan Baugh listed down KD’s seven best investments. The eleven-time All-Star has investments in a wide array of industries.

Kevin Durant’s top investments, according to Nathan Baugh.

Kevin Durant is one of the best investors on the planet.

He’s earned $272M from NBA contracts and built a business empire off the court.

THREAD: KD’s 7 best investments.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

1. Coinbase

KD invested in Coinbase in 2017.

With Coinbase’s ~$100B IPO in April, he earned a 61x return.

KD didn’t say how much he invested, but with a usual check size of $250K – $1M, it’s reasonable he made anywhere between $15.2M and $61M.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

2. Overtime

Before Overtime realized its vision of an elite high school basketball league, KD invested in its 2018 $9.5M Series A.

Overtime is now valued at $250M+ after its April ’21 raise, including investment from:

– Jeff Bezos

– Drake

– Alexis Ohanian

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

3. Robinhood

KD invested in Robinhood in 2017 at a $1.2B valuation.

In July, Robinhood made its debut on the stock market at a $32B valuation.

That’s a cool 2,500% return for KD.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

4. Postmates

KD invested $1M into the delivery startup in 2016.

As part of a marketing campaign, he personally delivered Nikes around NYC for Postmates.

Fast forward to 2020 and Uber acquired Postmates for $2.6B, earning Durant a $15M payday.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

5. Acorns

KD on his 2016 Acorns investment:

“Supporting up-and-coming generations by tackling tough issues and empowering them with the tools for success has always been a priority.”

Acorns helps young people invest using change and is going public at a $2.2B valuation.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

6. Dapper Labs

Before NFTs blew up, KD invested in Dapper Labs at a $2.6B valuation.

Since, the company announced a partnership with the NFL, launched WNBA cards, and raised a $250M Series D valuing it at $7.6B.

You know Dapper Labs as the maker of NBA Top Shot.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

7. Whoop

KD first invested in the digital fitness company in 2017 with Whoop valued at $128M.

Its recent Series F valued it at $3.6B.

That’s a 2,800% return in 4 years.

— Nathan Baugh (@nathanbaugh27) October 29, 2021

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