The crypto industry has changed a lot of narratives in the financial system. One of such attempts to bring crypto usefulness closer to the people was recently made by FTX. The crypto exchange bought an ad spot on the NFL Championship game coming up in 2022.

Now, you can even maintain anonymity while sending money across many countries of the world. However, while the awareness is continuing, top players in the industry are pushing for more recognition, adoption, and investment.

That’s why many institutional investors usually support activities geared towards promoting crypto to a lot of people.

Also, crypto exchanges and brokers willingly engage in activities that drive crypto awareness to the non-participants. The truth is that if everyone adopts crypto as a means of transaction, the industry will flourish.

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FTX To Reach 92 Million NFL Enthusiasts

FTX aims to reach millions of people during the upcoming games. Millions of people in America watch the games, and this will be a perfect opportunity for the exchange to position itself for more patronage.

Given the popularity of this event, the ad spots cost a lot to secure. But such exposure will be monumental in transforming both the trading volume and customer base of FTX.

It is not surprising that FTX has taken such a giant leap. The FTX CEO has been focusing on winning more sports customers.


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Sam Bankman-Fried sees the industry as a fertile ground for increasing the crypto customer base. So, this upcoming event will be appropriate to push the awareness closer to many Americans and other countries who watch the games.

For now, no one knows the exact amount that such an ad slot will cost. The NBC Super Bowl event coming up next year is going for $6.5 million per ad slot. Last year, companies paid $5.5 million to run a 30 seconds ad in its 2021 event. The audience was up to 92 million as well.

Top Advertisers Of Super Bowl Events

Before now, companies like Budweiser, Hyundai, Coke, and Pepsi dominated the ads spots in Super Bowl events. But 2021 saw a lot of them leaving for new ones to buy up the slots. These new advertisers were not affected by the coronavirus pandemic and could mop up the spots.

Many include DoorDash, Chipotle, Vroom, Fiverr, Scots Miracle-Gro, Hellmann’s, etc. Many of the brands belong to delivery services, e-commerce, job portals, and home improvement companies.

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Now that the chance has come again, it is only suitable that a crypto company will join the race, given the growing popularity and relevance of the sector.

FTX has been growing and expanding in recent times. It has also been pursuing partnerships in the sports industry and has secured the same by joining hands with Tom Brady and his wife, plus Gisele Bundchen, a supermodel in Brazil. Another exchange following suit in sports partnership is Coinbase as it joins hands with the WNBA and NBA.

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