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OKBoomer token might be a new token in the cryptocurrency industry, just like hundreds of others that emerge from the DeFi space everyday, but it is like no other in the market and comes with mouthwatering benefits. Since its launch in August 2021, the OKBoomer token has grown from strength to strength, garnering thousands of holders in a span of three months.

OKBoomer, a token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, has already developed some initiatives that will impact its community of holders positively as well as drive adoption of the blockchain. OKBoomer released its NFT initiative creating digital artworks in partnership with famous celebrities and pro athletes, such as host of Uncharted Waters Peter Miller, pro-wrestler Stephanie Finochio (Trinity), pro-football player Bradley Sowell, etc. 

OKBoomer’s Champions Collection is made of enhanced NFTs that provide both a unique individualized experience along with world-class collectible digital art.  For example, the initial sale of OKBoomer’s Emmy-nominated, Discovery Channel TV Host and 3-time world sailfish champion Peter Miller NFT can come with an eight-hour fishing trip in Coral Gables, Florida on Peter Miller’s personal boat, and a rare appearance on the show Uncharted Waters.   Other OKBoomer NFTs provide the chance to meet pro-football players like Bradley Sowell and Chandler Cantanzaro over a video conference. OKBoomer’s Kevin Butler NFT comes with the opportunity to meet Kevin over a video chat and to receive a never-before-seen picture of Kevin with the Super Bowl Champion 1985 Bears.  Yet another OKBoomer NFT provides a chance to visit Cameo Hills Farm for a tour and to meet racehorse champion Huntsville. OKBoomer stated it is working towards securing more partnerships with other big-name celebrities in the sports world, setting its sights from the NBA to the NHL, NFL, MLS, and the UFC. 

The token team is also considering creating a NFT platform which, when finalized, will use OKBoomer tokens to buy and sell thousands of NFT artworks that would be available on the marketplace.  OKBoomer is also exploring building a museum on the metaverse to show off OKBoomer NFTs and provide a communal experience for holders to meet and hang out with each other in a virtual world. 

OKBoomer Offers Automatic Liquidity and Static Rewards

OKBoomer leverages experienced individuals in the finance, technology, and marketing spaces that use their influence to improve the value of the token. OKBoomer is one of the first tokens that puts back generated cash flow into the token. Part of the revenue generated from sales and purchases is allocated to the liquidity pool. According to the company, this model allows the token to grow organically. 

OKBoomer is also one of the industry’s first that doesn’t tax token holders for wallet-to-wallet transactions, allowing for flexibility and additional security without penalty. In addition to that, traders only pay minimal gas fees when conducting transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, which is one reason the company chose BSC to run the OKBoomer token. 

The company promises passive rewards for token holders through static reflection. Every time a purchase or sale of the token occurs, three percent of the transacted money is paid to existing holders, rewarding them for holding the token. As a result, new purchases of the token not only boost its price and market cap, but also lead to existing holders ending up with additional tokens. The effect also serves to mitigate the negative impact on holder accounts if and when other people sell a portion of their holdings.

Driving Adoption Through Crypto Advocacy and Education

Despite the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, a lot of people are still in the dark about what they entail. Blockchain technology is widely accepted to be the future of finance, and only those who familiarize themselves with it can take advantage of the evolving ecosystem.

To that effect, OKBoomer came up with an advocacy and education initiative to help those in crypto denial understand the role of blockchain technology. The company reveals that it will strive to raise crypto awareness in the community through the distribution of educational materials.  OKBoomer’s education initiative brought forth the OKBoomer Crypto Education Podcast with Matthew Diemer.  Matthew is a leading cryptocurrency podcaster and Congressional Candidate.

Through advocacy and education, OKBoomer will drive crypto adoption and bridge the gap between token / NFT holders and those still deciding whether to invest in the digital asset space. The company has disclosed that it has begun partnering with NFT artists to help bring their innovations to the market. 

How to Buy OKBoomer Token

OKBOOMER is a community-driven token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), thus requiring almost no gas fees to trade, as well as allowing for quick and seamless transactions.  OKBoomer’s “How To Buy” instructions can be found on their website at

The company is already developing BoomerSwap, an exchange that will make it easy to purchase the $OKBOOMER token, and other tokens the company partners with, with fiat (traditional currencies like USD) and by swapping other tokens for it. 

OKBoomer offers its holders more than what a typical token does. It’s a revolutionary token in the crypto industry that aims to drive adoption of cryptos through advocacy and education initiatives. As an innovator, the company strives to continue to invest resources to develop new technologies and initiatives that will revolutionize the industry.

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