SolRazr, a venture platform based on the Solana blockchain platform, has planned to host one of the biggest IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in the record of all launchpads across blockchain with $GARI token.

SolRazr has become the 1st social network in India to issue cryptocurrency tokens with over 32 million active users per month and about 85mn+ downloads till today.

$GARI is Chingari App’s social token that currently provides customized videos, natural AR filters, multi-linguistic content in over 20 languages, and a wide-ranging song library.

With the expanding creator economy and the creators becoming a fundamental force behind this revolution, the Chingari app gives full control to the creators, allowing them to be in charge of the platform. 

The ecosystem of the Chingari app is run by four teams – viewers, developers, content creators, and advertisers through which the $GARI tokens connect all kinds of stakeholders. Some prominent celebrities like Johnny Lever, Kareena Kapoor, Salman Khan, and many more superstars are active on Chingari to create connections with their growing audience. SimilarWeb, an intelligence provider in the digital space, has ranked Chingari in India’s top five social apps.

Short-form-first Chingari App is capitalizing on different content formats. Chingari’s primary audience is the Indians who devote one-fifth of their daily lives to smartphones, thereby becoming the fastest consumer of online content in the world. This tends to be quite a lucrative section for creators as well. The reason why the short-form has emerged to be the fastest-growing category is that the conventional digital entertainment underserves a user’s requirement for instant, low-cost and individualized fun-feed, due to which the short form has jumped in India to about 320M MAU at 74 percent CAGR over 5 years. 

The Chingari mobile app has the potential to expand with a growing community of more than 75 million, and it is expanding at the juncture of the 3 main developments in cryptocurrency, social media platforms, and brand community. Each of these developments offers a unique opportunity through specific requirements and mechanics. As $GARI is introduced, the platform is returning the decision-making power to the users and allowing content monetization to be India’s mainstream. Chingari’s blockchain network will enable users to earn tokens for watching or creating content. The main idea behind introducing the token is to monetize each and every talent with a decent amount of funding and to empower the creators through social media platforms.

The Co-Founder and CEO of SolRazr, Sumit Ghosh, stated that $GARI is a cryptocurrency token developed by Solana blockchain that will enable the content creators on Chingari to create content including NFT projects and actual items, and also help consumers in funding their chosen artists.

SolRazr Co-Founder Sreekanth Kalapur mentioned the launch of the $GARI token on the SolRazr platform, and it is going to be the biggest IDO in the entire crypto field. Being the 1st decentralized ecosystem in the blockchain network of Solana, SolRazr offers Accelerator, Developer, and Launchpad tools to the field of cryptocurrency where users are willing to participate and develop it further. The DeFi (Decentralized Finance) technology aims to grant everyone a chance to invest in different projects of their choice that will help them improve their lives. SolRazr is an impressive Solana platform, the future of Web 3.0 and DeFI.

$GARI is developed to help content creators on the Chingari app to create their own ecommerce network through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), physical merchandise, and by raining money directly from their fans.

SolRazr ensures that the buying process of $GARI is frictionless and absolutely smooth for the buyers. There is no need to apply for a whitelist in order to win a lottery at the platform. Users who wish to buy $GARI can directly move to the IDO process.

The reason for choosing SolRazr to launch the IDO tokens is because the SolRazr is also built on the Solana network, which is one of the leading platforms, ensuring complete transparency and fair processes.

Salman Khan, the brand ambassador of $GARI, believes that content creators are responsible for shaping the prospects of entertainment. If the reward program of $GARI is incorporated into the Chingari platform, the content creators will get an added incentive to create more engaging and attractive videos and post them on the app.

Be part of a revolution in Content Creation. There’s a lot happening here: NFT Marketplace + Social Commerce + Short Videos on the Blockchain. All this & much more, powered by $GARI Tokens (Chingari’s In-App Reward Program). 🔥 #CHINGARI

— Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) December 4, 2021

$GARI has recently raised about $12.3mn in just 24 hours after it was launched on Republic, which is an investment and equity platform offering real estate, start-ups, crypto, and gaming investments. Chingari previously raised more than $19mn from over 30 individual investors and venture funds.

With the advent of $GARI, the Chingari app is most likely to bring cryptocurrency to the audience through the simple, stepwise introduction of $GARI via easy and simple granular mechanics.

The gradual improvement of the token will ensure long-term adoption of GARI with a smoother learning curve for the current Chingari users. In fact, GARI would simultaneously provide a short-form instrument for new users to get into the cryptocurrency sphere in a comprehensible manner.