The latest celebrity to jump on the NFT bandwagon? Former First Lady Melania Trump.

As Bloomberg News reported on Thursday (Dec. 16), Trump’s inaugural NFT – dubbed “Melania’s Vision” – will include watercolor art that “embodies Mrs. Trump’s cobalt blue eyes, providing the collector with an amulet to inspire,” according to the token’s marketing copy.

The NFT will be available until Dec. 31 for one SOL, a cryptocurrency running on the Solana blockchain, and was priced at $183 as of Thursday afternoon.

The former first lady’s entry into the NFT world comes as the tokens are becoming more and more mainstream, pitched by celebrities including Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and the superstar Korean pop group BTS.

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This summer saw Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey sell off an NFT of his first-ever tweet – and thus the platform’s first ever – for $2.5 million, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (formerly New England Patriots) tight-end Rob Gronkowski announced plans to sell more than 300 NFTs highlighting his Super Bowls.

“I see what’s going on, and it’s just exploding,” the athlete said of his interest in the market. “I wanted my fans who are living in the digital world to be able to get a piece of this action.”

The tokens have caught the attention of both retail and professional investors, in anticipation of them becoming a key component of the metaverse.

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Most of these buyers fall into the “retail” category – that is, those under $10,000. But more expensive purchases – between $10,000 and $100,000 – are becoming more common. In March, this segment of the NFT market was small, just 6%, but it has grown to account for nearly a fifth of NFT transactions.

Sales of Melania’s Vision will benefit her Be Best initiative, helping “foster children acquire computer science skills, including programming and software development, to thrive after they age out of the foster community.”

The NFTs can be purchased using both SOL and credit card payments through MoonPay, and will include “an audio recording from Mrs. Trump with a message of hope.”