The team behind XBuddha crypto wants to disrupt the mental health sector in a big way. Be it in research to develop unique technologies that will assist in combating mental ailments and coming up with gaming and charitable collaborations that will see a concerted effort in fighting Mental illness globally.

The Roadmap of the launch will be split into 2 stages. The first stage will see the creation of the Token, Airdrop, Social Media, Website, and the launching on Sologenic, Xumm, and Xrp toolkit dex. Others include community exposure, the building of a core team, brand awareness, roping in influencers, Ambassadors, CMC, Coingecko, LivecoinWatch listing, SWFT Blockchain launch, Merch store, release in the NFTs Marketplace, and exposure expansion in 2022.

The second stage in 2023 will see partnerships with celebrities, mental illness charity associations, also listing in major CEX, community giveaways, creation of the initial meditation gaming APP, and the start of online Community Events.

XBuddha is the latest digital creation that will unimaginably disrupt the crypto world. Talk of its safety, effectiveness, and cost, compared with others; it is a standalone digital creation. An ecosystem that would see collaboration between NFTs, gaming, and charitable works all under one decentralized platform. 

Mental disorders have been the talk of the globe with many people succumbing to the illness. Mostly this was a result of uncoordinated methodology approaches towards the treatment of the same. XBuddha brings onboard a space for conducting thorough and intensive research towards getting the right therapies or treatments for mental disorders. 

The project is being executed by well versed, qualified, experienced team of experts who want to see mental disorders put at bay through blockchain technology. They want everyone onboard this nerve soothing adventure and become one big community. They have a fixed supply of 50,000,000,000 XBuddha tokens. The breakdown is as follows, Airdrop 70%, Marketing/research 20%, and the team 10%. 

The team intends to rope in several mental health charitable organizations such as MHA (Mental Health Association), NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), and Child Mind Institute (CMI) among others.

Mental disorders have been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic and many people are losing them. Almost 1 Billion persons are living with mental disorders globally especially in poor countries. Approximately 75% of those people do not access treatment. It is even more shocking that almost 3 million people die out of substance misuse annually. It becomes more complicated to learn that 50% of mental disorders begin at 14 years of age.

Now, with XBuddha the trend is going to change positively. Finally, it will be safe, efficient, fast, and cheaper.

Why is mental health important? It helps in handling stress, relating with people, and the choices we make. 

Meditation helps in managing and controlling personal emotions.

With all the above integrated, the efficiency of XRPL Blockchain will be amazing. The project has come at a better time to put to an end the unwarranted deaths from mental disorders by offering permanent health solutions through blockchain technology and charity.

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