Blockasset, an athlete-verified NFT platform based on the Solana blockchain, has launched an Initial DEX Offering for its native multi-utility token BLOCK. The release of the token took place on December 9. It is important to note that 320 million will be minted. BLOCK tokens will be available on DAO Maker, Solanium, and Raydium. The platform’s utility token provides access to NFT prizes, airdrops, market discounts and generates profits on nBLOCK. It is a secondary currency used to list and acquire exclusive NFTs. Being a governance token, BLOCK empowers its holders to engage in platform administration by voting on new collections and the latest updates on the platform.

The utility token BLOCK provides its owners with extra advantages and functions. Among these are NFT prizes, airdrops, market discounts, and an opportunity to create profits on nBLOCK. In addition, token owners will create a unique Blockasset NFT avatar when signing up on the website to access the marketplace and more significant listing opportunities, Fiat Getaway, etc. 

What is Blockasset? 

The Blockasset ecosystem’s primary goal is to provide the platform and marketplace with a convenient environment to connect the world’s athletes and fans. While the NFT launchpad platform provides sports companies, agencies, and players with the resources necessary to develop and distribute high-quality NFT, fans can access unique content produced by sports brands, stars and other creators through the platform.  

Among the benefits of owning NFT on the Blockasset platform is access to exclusive social communities, such as regular athlete AMAs and video calls, early access to exclusive content, and the opportunity to produce content. Moreover, the chance to win meetings with their favorite athletes, unique merchandise, and tickets to events.

The platform features the NFT level concept, which consists of three tiers: “Legends”, “Moments”, and “Games”. The main collectible NFTs in the Blockasset ecosystem are NFT Moments, the creation and distribution of which are based on quality. NFT Legends are completely authentic items with a set of benefits. Game NFTs are the collateral for modern Play to Earn (P2E) sports games, allowing fans to experience unique features.

Blockasset’s mission in the media space is to introduce NFTs and their exclusive capabilities to sports audiences through an intuitive, user-friendly platform that makes owning, using, and trading NFTs as simple as possible.

Image Sourced from BTC Peers