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Bitcoin was the most searched finance term on Yahoo Canada in 2021(REUTERS)

Each year, the Yahoo Canada team takes a look at the most searched finance terms on our site. In 2021, there were the usual suspects, a few surprises, and one sector that dominated. Here are the most searched finance terms for 2021, grouped by theme.


Interest in this emerging technology continued to surge in 2021, especially with the rise of cryptocurrency ETFs. The OG coin, bitcoin topped the list followed by dogecoin. It was another rollercoaster ride for each as volatility was once again the name of the game.

Seven of the top 15 were either a cryptocurrency or had something to do with cryptocurrency. The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethererum, was fourth.

Trading platforms were up next. Coinbase, which went public this year, was fifth and Binance was sixth.

Upstart dogecoin rival shiba inu coins were new to the scene, and came in 12th, in a year characterized by spectacular rises and stunning falls. Cardano, a cryptocurrency created by former members of the ethereum team, was 15th.

Electric Vehicles

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in the news for his online antics about as much as he was for his company’s performance and products. It was third on the list as investors watched the stock rocket earlier in the year and subsequent fall after Musk pledged to sell off 10 per cent of his shares.

Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO rode the wave of electric vehicle momentum. It aims to pose a threat to Tesla, with more affordable options and range to rival the more established player. It was eighth.

Meme Stocks

Reddit’s WallStreetBets helped push seemingly dying businesses to dizzying heights on stock markets in 2020, when a short squeeze lit a fire under GameStop. The stock held in there in 2021 and interest remained strong enough to take 13th. Even BlackBerry got love from the Reddit crowd along with GameStop, but its stock didn’t in 2021 and was relatively flat on the year. It was tenth.

Yahoo searchers didn’t forget about the established blue-chip stocks entirely. Apple, the world’s largest publicly traded company, was 9th.


Travel was particularly volatile this year as restrictions eased, only to have them tighten at the end of the year due to Omicron. Air Canada‘s fortunes have been at the mercy of public health restrictions and regulations and its stock hasn’t recovered. It was seventh.

Bombardier’s business doesn’t rely on air travel the way it once did and investors were fine with that. Its shares were up handsomely this year after years of disappointment for investors. It ranked 14th for Yahoo searchers.

Oil prices shot up in 2021 after briefly going negative in 2020. Drivers wanted to know if they’d be paying more for gas the pumps. Investors checked to see how their energy stocks would be affected. Oil prices was the 11th most searched term.

Most search finance terms on Yahoo in 2021

  1. Bitcoin

  2. Dogecoin

  3. Tesla stock

  4. Ethereum

  5. Coinbase

  6. Binance

  7. Air Canada stock

  8. Nio stock

  9. Apple stock

  10. BlackBerry stock

  11. Oil prices

  12. Shiba Inu Coin

  13. Gamestop stock

  14. Bombardier stock

  15. Cardano

Jessy Bains is a senior reporter at Yahoo Finance Canada. Follow him on Twitter @jessysbains.

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