An ad starring Matt Damon to promote the platform is going viral and has been heavily criticized, ahead of its long-awaited Super Bowl debut in February.

“There is not enough disgust in the world to describe Matt Damon announcing a Ponzi scheme.” Said Carole Cadwalladr, a far-left writer for the British daily The Guardian.

“The Great Story of Brave Men Who Spent $ 378,000 on an Ape Cartoon”. Said Jason O. Gilbert a worker from The Daily Show.

However, what the commercial’s producers considered creative and innovative, the audience called disproportionate and embarrassing. Since the commercial suggests that people who buy cryptocurrencies will be part of the community of historical pioneers, such as the Wright brothers or the moon landing astronauts.

“History is filled with almost everyone who almost ventured, who almost succeeded,” says Matt Damon dressed in black to the camera as he walks through a virtual “museum of bravery” displaying a series of milestones in human achievement. Source: YouTube

However, Matt Damon is not the first celebrity to promote cryptocurrencies publicly. Kim Kardashian came under fire last year after promoting Ethereum. And from Lindsay Lohan to Melania Trump, they have been delving into the world of NFTs. has not released information on the costs of producing the commercial starring Matt Damon. However, reported last year that it would spend more than $ 100 million on the marketing campaign to promote its platform. The platform also reported that the ads starring Damon and directed by the cinematographer Wally Pfister, will be broadcast in more than 20 countries.

Matt Damon is the advertising face of

Actor Matt Damon will be the advertising face of, as the cryptocurrency platform is on the lookout to attract new users to its platform.

This marks the first global marketing push for the platform, which has multiplied its number of users tenfold since last year amid growing interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. indicated that it will allocate more than $ 100 million dollars in its marketing campaign.

“I never did a backup like this,” Damon said in an interview. “We hope this is the beginning of a great long-term collaboration.” Added.

Cryptocurrency platforms such as and Coinbase invested large amounts of money in the marketing sector last year. In addition, they signed numerous agreements with leagues and sports teams in the United States. Many celebrities are getting involved too, through partnerships or their own personal investments.

Today is linked to Formula 1, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Italy’s leading soccer league. In addition, it has agreements with the French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain and the Montreal Canadiens.

Actor Matt Damon, who is also an investor in the platform. He said he is conservative with his investments in the site and will typically “ride it or die with the crypto economy” while concentrating on his day job making movies.

The price of Bitcoin has risen 60% over the past year to date, reaching new highs of $ 69,000. Rising prices and growing interest in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies have coincided with the growing attention from celebrities interested in taking part in the market, ranging from Amitabh Bachchan to Kim Kardashian.

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