NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, NBA Star Spencer Dinwiddie and Tech Entrepreneur Solo Ceesay announced the premiere of New Money with Spencer and Solo, a video podcast series featuring various celebrity guests including award-winning singer Mario, The Bachelor’s Matt James, NFL’s Foye Oluokun, WNBA’s Renee Montgomery along with additional athletes, entertainers, and social media influencers.

New Money Podcast - Shown L to R: Solo Ceesay, Mario, and Spencer Dinwiddie (S:1 E:6 Music  Money: How R&B Legend Mario Is Getting the Bag)

New Money Podcast – Shown L to R: Solo Ceesay, Mario, and Spencer Dinwiddie (S:1 E:6 Music Money: How R&B Legend Mario Is Getting the Bag)

On New Money, guests openly discuss their journey to making money and building wealth in today’s ever-changing financial markets. New Money co-hosts and Calaxy co-founders, Spencer and Solo share the couch and the mic in real, open, and transparent conversations that inform, educate, and empower even the most novice crypto enthusiast. From Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to tokenization, from gaming to monetizing content, no topic is off-limits in the 12-episodes presented by CoinDesk that will drop on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM EST.

“We make blockchain, crypto, and technology easy for people to understand. It’s that simple,” said Spencer. “I was fortunate to get in early and really benefit from being an early adopter. Yet, I learned along the way. Although I’m not a financial advisor, my story could help or inspire someone. Now imagine the countless stories and tips guests from all walks of life will share. That’s the beauty of New Money. It’s really a podcast for everyone no matter what their understanding or backgrounds are… it’s relatable.”

“With the launch of New Money, we are catapulting traditionally boring conversations on finances into the realm of mainstream entertainment. We have given way to colloquial conversations about new methods of wealth creation in an effort to produce something that could resonate with all audiences,” said Solo. “Through the light-hearted conversations we have with the various guests, Spencer and I are proud to say that New Money will change the way we all think about emerging technologies and finances.”

Spencer Dinwiddie and Solo Ceesay are the Co-Founders of Calaxy, the open social marketplace built for creators, by creators. Calaxy’s decentralized social media app brings creators and fans closer than ever via a suite of features, unlocking opportunities for creator monetization and personalized fan engagement.

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Ellie Hirschhorn, COO at CoinDesk said, “We think there is no better way to reach a diverse audience than through an engaging streaming video series. New Money will be one of the first video podcasts available on Spotify and it lets everyone in on the action by featuring celebrities, influencers, and athletes sharing their insider stories, secrets, and strategies. We are excited to collaborate with Spencer and Solo, young Black entrepreneurs who are introducing next-gen technology to new audiences.”


New Money with Spencer and Solo, presented by CoinDesk, is a video podcast on Spotify exploring what it means to challenge traditional norms and earn money in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. For those interested in cryptocurrency and emerging financial markets, New Money dives into the intersection of blockchain and influencer culture, discussing technology’s role in the growing creator economy, and trending topics such as self-monetization, Web 3.0, crypto investment, and decentralized fan engagement.

As leaders of the blockchain-based social media revolution, New Money is hosted by Calaxy co-founders, NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie and Tech Entrepreneur Solo Ceesay. The podcast features athletes, celebrities, and social media influencers from around the world.


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