Blockchain, the life and blood of crypto, has spun something that nobody realised would become such a valuable asset… NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens, among many things, but most importantly, offer the owner of the NFT a signature in its code… much akin to how you might sign a document or, even, a piece of beautiful art.

Because of this, it’s become more apparent that the likes of NFT technology have taken the form of digital art, wherein, creators are harnessing the immeasurable wealth afforded to digital art.

But, is this art worth your Bored Ape, Ethereum and HUH Token?

Let’s take a look at some of the top NFT artists at present…

PAK – The Unidentified NFT Artist

PAK, is one of the most spoken artists in the NFT art sphere, and rightfully so, the faceless and nameless creator(s) of PAK art have reimagined what could be next for the ever-present ethos of art.

PAK, having sold over 1,600 pieces of, notably to the one and only, Elon Musk, is quickly becoming one of the names that you have to check out.

Pak is most famous for their Instagram and Twitter accounts were simply viewing PAK’s masterpieces are free of charge.

So, if you’re looking to invest in NFT art, how much of your HUH Token, Ethereum or Bored Ape would it cost to attain one of these pieces?

The definite number can’t be known, as with all cryptocurrency affiliated technology, the price and value of PAKs art will fluctuate with the volatility of the market.

Though, from a glance at PAKs work, it’s clear to see that NFT art isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Beeple – The First Of Its Kind Christie’s Sale

Beeple, was the first NFT artist to make a sale at one of the world’s oldest and most renowned art dealers: Christie’s.

Making a historic moment for NFT art and the art world in general as the piece ‘Every Day: The First 5,000 Days’ sold for over $65million.

Beeply, now solidified in the hall-of-fame of art, joined the greats and took its place in Christie’s history, which began in 1766.

This sale of NFT art not only goes down in the London-originated art dealers’ history but in art history as a whole, as the sale of the above-mentioned piece caused a ripple effect throughout the NFT art world and bought with it a new audience of classical art lovers. Meaning that these art pieces could be worth your Bored Ape, Ethereum and HUH Token after all… as history is not to be scoffed at.

A Quick Look At Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bored Ape, Ethereum and HUH Token have many capabilities outside of NFTs and for that reason, it’s keen to note that these cryptos are taking strides to make crypto accessible to everyone… just how visual art was intended.

HUH Token will launch hundreds of influencers on the 19th of January which could exponentially increase the value of the currency for HUH holders, as well as, an NFT drop for HUH presale holders at the end of the month.

Bored Ape is becoming a fast favourite amongst celebrities and Ethereum is taking strides to reduce its power usage… as crypto steps further into the metaverse.

If to you, like it is to me, that Bored Ape, Ethereum and HUH Token are worth holding, even if to buy some cool looking art, then you can find out more reasons to invest in these cryptos from the links below and some Google searching.

It’s always best to conduct research before buying into crypto.


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